Golden Kids' Rules

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(Songwriter/Folk/Country Rock/Children's Music) 2011 Smithsonian Folkways - der große Chip Taylor mit seinen drei Enkelinnen Riley (12), Kate (10) und Samantha (7). 'Golden Kids' Rules' hat 13 neue, eigens für diesen Zweck geschriebene Taylor-Songs in seinem typischen Folk-meets-Country Rock-Erzählmodus, definitiv "not for kids only"!!

When renowned musician & songwriter Chip Taylor ("Wild Thing" & "Angel of the Morning") became a grandfather, he directed his creative energy to writing new songs w/ & for his grandkids. Golden Kids Rules melds the husky, time-worn vocals & the musical instincts of a seasoned performer w/ the charming artistry of his 3 young grandchildren. The album overflows w/ love of family & the musical bonds that hold them together. Taylor's brother, actor Jon Voight, offers an insightful introduction to the artist & the album. 13 trks, 38 mins, 20+pg bklt w/ lyrics.

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Golden Kids' Rules
Golden Kids' Rules
SFW 507
€ 12.90

1. Golden Kids' Rules
2. I'm Just Thinkin' About What I'm Thinkin' About
3. Quarter Moon Shining
4. Big Ideas
5. Magical Horse
6. Daddy Is A Red Sox Fan / Mommy Is A Yankee Fan
7. Kids To Save The Planet
8. Did You Hear What Jennifer Did?
9. You Can Come & Play With Our Toys
10. Introduction To Wedding Songs
11. The Possum Hunter
12. Happy Wedding
13. Now That Kristian And Anna Have Wed