The Vulture

Bereits seit 2008 ist MARC FORD (ehemals BLACK CROWES) als Solomusiker und zusammen mit dem NEPTUNES BLUES CLUB unterwegs. Ihr aktuelles Album heißt “The Vulture”. Großartiger Blues- / Southern-Rock eines erfahrenen Musikers!

Als Musiker erlangte FORD vor allem mit den erfolgreichen BLACK CROWES Weltruhm. Bevor er 1991 Mitglied der Band von RICH und CHRIS ROBINSON wurde, war er in der Band BURNING TREE aktiv. FORDs Solokarriere begann dann eigentlich in der ersten Pause der BLACK CROWES um 1998. Als die Band sich dann Mitte der 2000er Jahre reformiert, legte der Gitarrist seine Soloaktivitäten kurzzeitig wieder auf Eis. Seit 2008 ist FORD dann überwiegend mit dem NEPTUNES BLUES CLUB unterwegs und spielt Konzerte weltweit. Ihr aktuelles Album “The Vulture” ist ein toller Mix aus Bluesrock und Southernrock!

The Vulture was recorded on analog tape at mastermind John Vanderslide’s Tiny Telephone Studios located in the mission district of San Francisco. The Vulture emits Ford’s greatest strengths: soulful musicianship, memorable songs and an emotive groove. Ford explained the ethos of these new compositions: “If Holy Ghost was Sunday morning, then The Vulture is Saturday night…”
The opening track--”Devil’s In the Details”--emerges as one of Ford’s finest. The tune operates in his electric wheelhouse. He’s like Clint Eastwood with a guitar. The well-crafted “The Same Coming Up” clocks in at one minute and fifty seconds emitting joyous rock n roll. “All We Need To Do Is Love” eases the listener into pastoral reflection. “This Ride” inspires reckless abandon. The title track contains Ford’s signature snakebite guitar work as he delivers a savage truth in the lyrics: “Got a head full of diamonds/And a nose full of snow/You leave a trail of destruction/Everywhere that you go/Got a shrug of the shoulder/For all that you stole.”
“Arkansas Gas Card” stands as one of the group’s stellar numbers that transfers with brilliance to a live audience. “Old Lady Sunrise” travels into sonic backwaters of a low-country swamp like some vintage STAX Records jewel. The gospel-laced “Deep Water” explores redemptive sanctuaries where matters of the soul are at stake.
“Shalimar Dreams” augments a gritty R&B, rock-n-roll magic in a mesmerizing sound that surrounds the listener. The last cut, “Girl of Mine”, is a love song Ford sings and provides steel on as the group provides a sparse, yet concise musical backdrop.
It’s harvest time for Marc Ford. Over the years he’s created his own stellar sound that meets all the rigid standards of excellence. The Vulture represents another timeless volume in Marc Ford’s inimitable musical journey…


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The Vulture
The Vulture
MFM 852
€ 10.00

1. Devil's In The Details
2. Same Coming Up
3. All You Need To Do Is Love
4. This Ride
5. The Vulture
6. Arkansas Gas Card
7. Old Lady Sunrise
8. Deep Water
9. Ghetto Is Everywhere
10. Shalimar Dreams
11. Girl Of Mine