Tomorrow Forever

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Tomorrow Forever, Matthew Sweet's fifth album of new material in this century, the first since 2011's Modern Art and 14th overall in a recording career spanning more than three decades, is teeming with his signature sounds and ongoing preoccupations. But the expansive 17-song work takes these familiar elements into previously unexplored territory, reflecting profound changes in his life. Purely in terms of it's guitar payload, the new album is a breathtaking Fourth of July fireworks show, with axes trading volleys from the left and right channels in old-school-stereo fashion, as Sweet breaks out a lineup of killer players, each sporting a distinct style, like a modern-day Moby Grape or Buffalo Springfield.

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Modern Art 2-LP € 19.90 Info

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Tomorrow Forever
Tomorrow Forever
SMW 422
€ 15.90

1 Trick of the Light 3:40
2 Entangled 2:47
3 Pretty Please 2:31
4 You Knew Me 2:51
5 Circle 3:02
6 Haunted 4:20
7 Country Girl 3:45
8 Off the Farm 2:38
9 Nobody Knows 2:24
10 The Searcher 4:19
11 Music for Love 2:43
12 Bittersweet 4:08
13 Come Correct 3:27
14 Finally 3:39
15 Carol 3:37
16 Hello 4:52
17 End Is Near 4:15