Gold Rush

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Endlich das Zweitwerk der Tochter des bekannten Songschreibers/Musikers Walt Aldridge (Hits für Diamond Rio, Restless Heart, Travis Tritt, Blackhawk, Martina McBride und Dauerzusammenarbeit mit Kate Campbell!) aus Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Ihr volles Debüt Razor Wire verschaffte ihr in 2014 wegen seiner schonungslosen, düsteren Texte und dieser ausgeprägten, klar-herben Altstimme mit dem gewissen "southern drawl" große Aufmerksamkeit. Da war sie gerade 26, Mutter eines 5-jährigen Sohns, hatte eine Scheidung hinter sich und einen Aufenthalt in der Suchtklinik. Nun also drei Jahre weiter das in jeder Hinsicht reifere Gold Rush. Spezielle Krisen gibt es für sie aktuell nicht zu verarbeiten, so schreibt sie die Songs jetzt aus einer übergeordneten Ebene - intensiv und engagiert bis in die Haarspitzen wirkt das alles trotzdem. Aber sie hat auch ihre musikalische Linie gefunden. Den zuvor vielschichtigen Acoustic/Electric Mix aus Songwriter Folk, Country Rock, Southern Americana und Alabama Soul mit etlichen (stimmlichen) Ähnlichkeiten zu Rosanne Cash, Kate Campbell und Patty Griffin hat sie jetzt in einen deutlich elektrischen Rock-Stream mit einem geschickten Auf und Ab von Uptempo-Nummern und Balladen eingebettet. Das geht dann schon eher in Richtung Brigitte DeMeyer, Susan Tedeschi, Jess Klein oder Stacie Collins. All das perfekt im Einklang mit ihrer ausgezeichneten, kompakt auftretenden Band (Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums), in der Gitarrist Sadler Vaden (bekannt von Drivin' N' Cryin', Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit) mit mal zupackend rockigen, mal sehr einfühlsam slidigen Griffen herausragt!

In literature and in songwriting, the American South is where writers go to face their fears. Hannah Aldridge doesn’t just dip her pen into the well of the South, the Muscle Shoals native embodies it. With every song, she’s facing down demons of a life once lived from substance abuse to failed relationships and scars from the lashes of the bible belt.
“Gold Rush” is Hannah Aldridge’s second album, a follow up to her 2014 debut “Razor Wire.” While that album launched her career, drew the attention of music writers and sent her touring across the world, “Gold Rush” shows a more mature and introspective artist with more life experience - and music experience - under her belt.
The honesty Hannah Aldridge crafts into each track is off-set by her stubborn, maybe defiant, nature, which gives her music a hopeful silver lining.
“I start writing with ‘this is how I’m feeling and I need to talk about it.’ Doing that helps me sort out my own thoughts on it. My music is an introspective look at the things that happened in my life. It’s me trying to sort through and put feelings into words,” she said.
Hannah Aldridge is the daughter of Muscle Shoals legend Walt Aldridge. An Alabama Music Hall of Famer, Walt Aldridge is a prolific and decorated songwriter of countless Number One and Top Ten hits recorded by the likes of Lou Reed, Reba McEntire, Travis Tritt, Earl Thomas Conley, Ricky Van Shelton, Ronnie Milsap, and Conway Twitty.
Mixing her personal life and the sounds of her hometown, Hannah Aldridge’s new album also draws in influences from across the rock genre. Working with people with one foot in country music and one foot in rock, Hannah Aldridge makes a fresh kind of Southern Rock styled by Southern Gothic storytelling. You can hear it in “Gold Rush”’s ode to burning out, or in the yearning of “Burning Down Birmingham”, and anthem-for-the-lonely “No Heart Left Behind” – a track that is shot-through with wild riffs.
Recorded at Creative Workshop in Nashville, Hannah Aldridge worked with Muscle Shoals writers such as Mark Naramore, Tosha Hill, Matt Johnson and Brad Crisler and artists such as Andrew Combs, Ashley McBryde, Don Gallardo, Ryan Beaver, and Sadler Vaden on “Gold Rush.” She teamed up with Jordan Dean and M. Allen Parker, who were instrumental in working on her new album, and finally finishing by calling on her Dad, Walt Aldridge, to master the record. In total, Hannah Aldridge compiled a team of distinct talents to work with her. With their help, Hannah Aldridge has put together a progressive, creative and memorable body of work.
“It’s about being self-destructive,” Aldridge said of her new album. “That is the underlying tone. The album goes back to when I was younger, and after touching on that, to now. In ‘Aftermath,’ the very first line is: ‘I was born in a crossfire.’ It starts from day one.”

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Gold Rush
Gold Rush
€ 14.90

1. Aftermath (feat. Jordan Dean)
2. Dark Hearted Woman
3. Burning Down Birmingham
4. The Irony of Love
5. Shouldn’t Hurt So Bad
6. No Heart Left Behind
7. Living On Lonely ( feat. Ryan Beaver)
8. I Know Too Much
9. Lace
10. Gold Rush