Blurred Harmony

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Blurred Harmony is the 4th studio full-length album from indie psych-folk stalwarts, The Parson Red Heads. It is the overdriven jangle of Teenage Fanclub and Big Star power-pop, the skewed psychedelics of the Paisley Underground, the bittersweet energy of New Zealand's Dunedin Sound movement, and the muted twang of Cosmic Americana, all crammed into 44 minutes. As the band's front man, Evan Way puts it, This record is more a true part of us than any record we have made before. It's an album about nostalgia, about time, change, about the hilarious, wonderful, bittersweet, sometimes sad, always incredible experience of living. Sometimes it is about regret, or the possibility of regret. These are big topics, and to us, it is a big album, yet somehow still intimate and honest.

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Blurred Harmony
Blurred Harmony
FLG 39
€ 15.90

1 Please Come Save Me
2 Coming Down
3 Time After Time
4 Answer Twice
5 Sunday Song
6 What Have I Become
7 Terrible Lie
8 Time Is a Wheel
9 Today Is the Day
10 Waiting for the Call
11 Out of Range
12 In a Dream
13 Nostalgia of the Lakefronts