The Drifter And The Preacher

2017 release. Every songwriter has a story. After a five-year recording hiatus, JUNO Award winner Barney Bentall returns with his 10th album and what is arguably his most personal record to date, The Drifter and The Preacher. Barney is a multi-platinum selling artist who started his career in the late 80's/early 90s with his band The Legendary Hearts. They went on to become staples on Canadian radio with twenty Top 30 singles. Barney is most well-known for his 1990s-era band, Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts. He has also recorded under the pseudonym Brandon Wolf. He's also performed with Shari Ulrich and Tom Taylor as BTU.

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The Drifter And The Preacher
The Drifter And The Preacher
TN 615
€ 15.90

1 The Miner
2 Moon at the Door
3 The Drifter
4 Hey Mama
5 In the Morning
6 The Preacher
7 Won't Change the World (Feat Jim Cuddy)
8 Don't Wait for Me Marie
9 Say Goodbye to Albert Comfort
10 The Ocean and You (A Song for John Mann)
11 On the Shores of Grise Fjord