Rule 62

There are many useful rules to live by, but for Whitney Rose, there’s one that stands alone as a guiding principle for life as she knows it: Rule 62. The origin of the rule is best summed up by the poignant, pronoun-adjusted excerpt from Alcoholics Anonymous’ Tradition Four cited above, a treatise on how to find harmony between ambition and self-awareness, and how to learn one’s lessons with humor and humility. This truism, officially worded as “Don’t Take Yourself Too Damn Seriously,” is the origin of both the title and ethos of Whitney Rose’s forthcoming album, Rule 62.

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  • Günter Merk sagt:

    Hallo !!!
    Sie haben nicht zufällig noch eine LP von David Munyon Clark auf Lager ?????
    Finde leider nirgends wo eine 🙈
    Liebe Grüße aus dem Allgäu

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Rule 62
Rule 62
SIX 108
€ 14.90

1. I Don't Want Half (I Just Want Out)
2. Arizona
3. Better to My Baby
4. You Never Cross My Mind
5. You Don't Scare Me
6. Can't Stop Shakin'
7. Tied to the Wheel
8. Trucker's Funeral
9. Wake Me in Wyoming
10. You're a Mess
11. Time to Cry