Come On In

Chris Comper, AKA Prinz Grizzley releases Come On In. The album, a wonderfully realised collection of country-influenced gems, marks the first '' release for the Austrian singer-songwriter and follows two sold out shows at this year's Kilkenny Roots Festival where he was regarded by many as the weekend's highlight.

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  • Günter Merk sagt:

    Hallo !!!
    Sie haben nicht zufällig noch eine LP von David Munyon Clark auf Lager ?????
    Finde leider nirgends wo eine 🙈
    Liebe Grüße aus dem Allgäu

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Come On In
Come On In
SHED 932
€ 15.90

1 Wide Open Country
2 Give Me Onemore Reason
3 Fiery Eyes
4 Mountain's Milk
5 Irene
6 Where's Your Fire Gone
7 I May Be Late
8 I Can See Darkness
9 Walls
10 Personal Hell
11 Tell Me Why