Fox Theatre, Atlanta '94

Performed shortly after the band started work on Vs., and just as they embarked on their bitter battle with TicketMaster, this epic show finds them on breathtaking form, playing a cross-section of fan favorites, with a typically intense vocal performance from Eddie Vedder and some scorching guitar from Mike McCready. Originally broadcast on KROQ 106.7 FM, it s presented here in full as a Double CD together with background notes and images.

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  • Günter Merk sagt:

    Hallo !!!
    Sie haben nicht zufällig noch eine LP von David Munyon Clark auf Lager ?????
    Finde leider nirgends wo eine 🙈
    Liebe Grüße aus dem Allgäu

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Fox Theatre, Atlanta '94
Fox Theatre, Atlanta '94
ROXV 2136
€ 16.90

CD 1
1. Release
2. Rearviewmirror
3. Whipping
4. Even flow
5. Dissident
6. Why go
7. Deep
8. Jeremy
9. Glorified g
10. Daughter / Another brick in the wall [Part 2]
11. Go
12. Animal
13. Garden
14. State of love and trust
15. Black
16. Alive
CD 2
1. Blood / Encore break
2. W.M.A.
3. Better man
4. Elderly woman behind the counter in a small town
5. Rats
6. Satan's bed
7. Once / Improvisation
8. Sonic reducer
9. Porch
10. Indifference