Liberty could be a person. Or maybe it’s a place, or a horse. Whoever or whatever the name signifies, it’s the animating concept behind Canadian country singer Lindi Ortega’s seventh full-length—a narrative record that spins a wild yarn, not unlike Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger or Kenny Rogers’ Gideon. Ortega follows her unnamed protagonist through the open deserts of the American West as she rides a wild palomino from heartbreak to revenge and ultimately to redemption. It’s tempting to read this story of escape as autobiographical, especially given the way Ortega has elsewhere connected her onstage “country gothic noir” persona to her real-life body dysmorphia. But Liberty is about more than retelling personal war stories. In its twangy guitar, galloping drums, sun-baked palette, and high-plains drama, it’s a nuanced and often irreverent spin on Spaghetti Western films and their soundtracks. She’s celebrating her artistic freedom by showing us how an old pop-culture tradition can be made new and vibrant. (

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€ 12.90

1. Through the Dust, Pt. 1
2. Afraid of the Dark
3. You Ain't Foolin' Me
4. Til My Dyin' Day
5. Nothing is Impossible
6. Through the Dust, Pt. 2
7. The Comeback Kid
8. Darkness Be Gone
9. Forever Blue
10. In the Clear
11. Pablo
12. Lovers in Love
13. Through the Dust, Pt. 3
14. Liberty
15. Gracias a La Vida