Hank Shizzoe

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Hank Shizzoe mit seinem bislang persönlichsten Album. Deshalb hat er's auch schlicht "Hank Shizzoe" genannt, alle Songs (bis auf den Klassiker aus "High Noon") selbst geschrieben und alle Instrumente selbst gespielt. Songs, die vom Großstadtleben und dem Zeitgeist handeln. Ein Singer/Songwriter-Album von einem der weiß, was er schreibt und spielt.

His most personal album to date. That's why it's self-titled, that's because he's written all but one of the songs, and that's why he decided to play all instruments himself.
Songs dealing with everyday life in the city, and the times in general. A beautiful singer/songwriter album from one of the finest roots/rock guitar stylists around.

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Hank Shizzoe
Hank Shizzoe
CCD 12002
€ 14.90

1. Don't Bore Me, Man
2. 21264 Cowboys
3. You Make It Sway
4. Serious Shopping
5. Forget About Taste
6. Zoo
7. Rock Around The Moon (Yeah)
8. Bedpopthang
9. Waltz No.1
10. Sally Goes Home
11. The Sea Needs Fish
12. No Ghosts Around Here
13. Small Time
14. High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)