03. Januar 2018

Blue Rose Nuggets series is going new ways!

Since 2002 we are offering the CD series Blue Rose Nuggets which is exclusively available through the Blue Rose mailorder. It contains not only songs from current or previous Blue Rose albums but also live tracks and outtakes. Mostly featuring fifteen songs and released in a bi-monthly rhythm the CD was automatically included with each order of four items and more. It was also available to purchase for € 5. A „season“ contained twelve issues, in October 2017 the seventh season was completed with number 84. Because of various reasons the last few issues haven’t been released in the usual bi-monthly rhythm and due to decreasing demand the series will continue in 2018 in a different way. The CD series won’t be made in a pressing plant anymore, we are offering hand/self burned copies. Due to copyright issues we won’t sell the series anymore, marked as „promotional items“ it will only be available as a free copy and included with each purchase at the Blue Rose mailorder of three (3) items and more. The CDs will be available in the usual cardboard sleeve and each month there will be a new issue released.

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