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18. November 2017

MATTHEW RYAN returns with another rocking album on Hustle Up Starlings!

Blessed with a particularly attractive rasp of a voice, singer-songwriter and rock’n’roller MATTHEW RYAN is out to excite his fans and well-informed critics with his brand new Blue Rose album Hustle Up Starlings. It’s a powerful comeback album and follow-up to the much-lauded Boxers, released in 2014, also on the label located in the South of Germany. Hustle Up Starlings is Ryan’s 13th release since his debut album May Day in 1997 announced him as one of the most promising acts in the Springsteen-meets-Westerberg-folk-rock-songwriter camp.

If you go back to reading the accolades that practically every Matthew Ryan album received, it seems hard to grasp why he hasn’t broken through on a bigger scale yet. Even in 2017 Matthew Ryan should be a household name when it comes to moving, hand-made, intelligent, accessible Americana rock delivered in a very special sandstone voice.
Is Hustle Up Starlings another critics‘ darling that’s going to earn rave reviews and make it onto year-end favorites lists – or could it possibly achieve more? The conditions seem right for a success story.

Born and raised on the US East Coast (Pennsylvania, Delaware) Matthew Ryan moved into the East Nashville indie scene in the mid-90s. His first, promising albums May Day (97) and East Autumn Grin (2000) were released by a major label (A&M) before the record industry’s situation changed drastically. Until 2010 Ryan released seven albums, some of them by himself, among them very well-received records like Concussion (2001), Regret Over The Wires (2003) and Matthew Ryan Vs. TheSilver State (2008). Disillusioned by unsatisfactory sales, Ryan announced that his 2012 album In The Dusk Of Everything would be his last. He left Nashville for East Pennsylvania. As luck would have it, there he met and became friends with Brian Fallon, frontman of folk/punk/indie rockband Gaslight Anthem. Soon thereafter, they started collaborating creatively.
Fallon booked Ryan to open the Gaslight Anthem tour and was happy to play guitar with him. But Ryan got inspired and started dreaming of more. In 2014 he released the terrific Boxers on Blue Rose, an album harking back to his May Day days. Produced by Kevin Salem (Dumptruck, Todd Thibaud, Freedy Johnston, Giant Sand) and featuring Salem and Fallon on electric guitars, Ryan rocked his way back into the hearts of everyone who doesn’t consider Bruce Springsteen and the Replacements, Leonard Cohen and The Jam, or Bob Dylan and The Clash mutually exclusive but drawing from the same well where rock’n’roll and the singer-songwriter spirit meet.

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06. November 2017

SUSTO – another great act by the Swedish Rootsy label!

& I'm Fine Today
SUSTO & I'm Fine Today CD
€ 14,90

Since SUSTO released their second album back home in the States in the beginning of 2017, thing’s been happening in a fast pace for the band. The album got great reviews, the band has been touring relentlessly and they’ve done several big, nationwide TV-shows, and SUSTO are no longer local, South Caroline heroes anymore, but a band breaking big in the US. And now they’re finally ready for Europe as well.

A few years back, Justin Osborne needed a break. He’d been writing music and making albums since he was 15, and by the age of 26, he felt like he was spinning his wheels. He knew he needed a change, so he ended his old band Sequoyah Prep School and moved to Cuba. He thought he might be done with music for a while, but the songs just kept coming.
„I had this idea in my mind that I was going to try and join some kind of Latin American Leftist movement. I wanted to jump off a cliff,“ Osborne says. „Once I got there I immediately started hanging out with musicians and going to shows. I started showing them the songs from this project that was kind of just an idea in my head. They were like, ‚man, don’t throw away your passport, go home and continue to make music,'“ he says. „I was encouraged by them to try again.“

Osborne was already writing the songs for what would be SUSTO’s 2014 self-titled debut when his producer Wolfgang Zimmerman introduced him to Johnny Delaware, a guitarist and songwriter who had moved to Charleston, South Carolina to make an album with the producer.

SUSTO is a Spanish word referring to a folk illness in Latin America that Osborne learned as anthropology student, meaning „when your soul is separated from your body,“ and also roughly translates to a panic attack. For Osborne, the music of SUSTO was something he had to get out into the world.

SUSTO released their debut album independently and toured relentlessly to get the word out. They were an immediate hit in their hometown, packing venues, getting airplay at all the bars and even making a fan of Band of Horses‘ Ben Bridwell. „I got an e-mail from him, telling me he loved the record and wanted to meet with me and Johnny,“ he says. „That was actually the day I wrote my professor, and I said, ‚I’m not coming in.'“

The members of the live band that Osborne and Delaware recruited – Corey Campbell (guitar, keys, backing vocals), Jenna Desmond (bass), and Marshall Hudson (drums, percussion) contributed to SUSTO’s new album & I’m Fine Today. „We just wanted to go further. We started something with the first record, and we want to keep going in that direction,“ Osborne says of the album, which finds them taking the spacey country rock of their debut into the stratosphere, piling on layers of sighing keyboards, galloping rhythms and frayed, noisy guitar solos atop wistful melodies and lyrics that examine growing up and growing into yourself. We put the first record out, and we worked hard, and it just feels like a good place to be,“ he says, noting that while the first record focused on his own struggles, & I’m Fine Today is more concerned with looking at the world beyond the struggles in your head.
„I’ve learned to appreciate the fact that I just get to be here. It’s all perspective,“ he says. „This album is about coming to terms with yourself and feeling okay with your place in the universe.“

04. November 2017

Soulfood Music Distribution GmbH & MASSACRE RECORDS have set the course for a bright future together!

Both MASSACRE RECORDS as well as Blue Rose Records have been taken over by their long-time distributor Soulfood Music Distribution GmbH! The headquarter will remain in Untergruppenbach, Germany, and we will continue as an autonomous limited company (GmbH). Here’s what Soulfood Music Distribution GmbH’s CEO, the founder and the label manager of MASSACRE RECORDS have to say about joining forces:

Statement by Jochen Richert (CEO, Soulfood):
„Back in 1991, Massacre was the first label I supervised as a label manager at Intercord. We’ve walked the same path ever since. It goes without saying, that the label as well as its staff are very important and dear to me. Besides, Massacre and Blue Rose perfectly match our existing structures. We can take care of a lot of administrative operations so that the team can focus on the creative core tasks. We want to thank Torsten for his trust in us and will do our very best to position both Massacre and Blue Rose as important players in the market.“

Statement by Thomas Hertler (Label Manager, Massacre Records):
„There are a lot of new perspectives and possibilities on the horizon for Massacre Records with the recent take-over by Soulfood. The decade-long collaboration with Soulfood will now be enhanced even more. I’m really happy about this constellation and to be part of the Soulfood family now!“

Statement by Torsten Hartmann (founder of Massacre Records):
„All good things come to an end… after more than 25 years as the CEO of Massacre Records, I want to withdraw from the active music business to focus on new tasks. I’m happy that, together with Soulfood, we’ve found a positive and future-oriented solution for Massacre Records. There’s a close friendship between Jochen Richert and the Soulfood staff since the foundation of Massacre Records. I want to thank everyone involved for the amazing and successful time and want to wish everyone all the best and continued success for the future.“

24. Oktober 2017

A dream comes true – a new HARDPAN album with 12 brandnew songs!

€ 14,90

When four singer-songwriters like TODD THIBAUD, CHRIS BURROUGHS, TERRY LEE HALE and JOSEPH PARSONS record an album together – all of them successful solo artists on Blue Rose or Glitterhouse – it doesn’t feel far-fetched to call them a supergroup. They met on the road on various tours of Germany and realized that they get along well and have – in spite of differing styles and personalities – and undeniable chemistry.
On September 10, 2001 they met in Tucson, Arizona to record an album. But only hours later, other, bigger events came into focus. And yet, since they only had ten days together, they pushed the horrific scenes from New York aside. Maybe that is why they created such a homogenous, emotional and moving singer-songwriter album to which each of them contributed original songs and lead vocals. It was the birth of HARDPAN.

All of this happened 16 years ago. Because they all had their individual careers they did not have time to even consider a follow-up album. It was only when they played together at the Blue Rose Christmas Party at the Isernhagen Blues Garage in 2013 that the thought occurred to them. It took another three years until their schedules allowed them to come together in New Jersey early in 2017 to record a new studio album.
Since they did not plan to stray too far from the typical Hardpan sound, they focused once again on the artists‘ vocals and their interplay, embellished by unobtrusive instrumentation and subtle drumming. The new album features twelve new songs – each member contributed three original songs on which they took over the lead vocal. Four musicians, four different voices and different vibes create a unified atmosphere that very few solo artists achieve – that’s the Hardpan sound.

30. September 2017

Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 84 now available for only 5 € or for free!

With the 84th edition of the Blue Rose mailorder exclusive CD series „“Blue Rose Nuggets““ season 7 is complete. It again includes songs from current Blue Rose releases plus tracks from the extensive 600 albums catalog as well as a previously unissued live recording by Micky & The Motorcars.

1. PETER BRUNTNELL – Long Way From Home / taken from the album “Nos Da Comrade” (BLU DP0699)
2. GREG TROOPER – Dreams Like This / taken from the album “Upside-Down Town” (BLU DP0531)
3. WILLIAM CLARK GREEN – Remedy / taken from the album “Rose Queen” (BLU DP0630)
4. THE WOOD BROTHERS – Two Places / taken from the album “Paradise” (BLU DP0678)
5. JESS KLEIN – Dear God / taken from the album “Learning Faith” (BLU DP0637)
6. CORDOVAS – Louisiana Hurricane / taken from the album “Cordovas” (ROOTSY 143)
7. JON DEE GRAHAM – Holes / taken from the album “Full” (BLU DP0391)
8. LEEROY STAGGER – Angry Young Man / taken from the album “Dream It All Away” (BLU DP0668)
9. THE GREAT CRUSADES – King Of The Altered States / taken from the album “Until The Night Turned To Day” (BLU CD0695)
10. THE WYNNTOWN MARSHALS – Snowflake / taken from the album “After All These Years” (BLU DP0698)
11. AMERICAN AQUARIUM – Northern Lights / taken from the album “Burn.Flicker.Die.” (BLU DP0586)
12. DRIVEWAY – Always / taken from the album “Driveway” (BLU CD0339)
13. HANNAH ALDRIDGE – No Heart Left Behind / taken from the album “Gold Rush” (ROOTSY 146)
14. THE BRANDOS – These Troubled Times / taken from the album “Los Brandos” (BLU DP0670)
15. MICKY & THE MOTORCARS – Love Is Where I Left It / recorded live at the “Red River Saloon” in Heilbronn/Germany on September 23, 2013 (previously unreleased)

15. September 2017

Welcome to Blue Rose: PETER BRUNTNELL!

Nos Da Comrade
Nos Da Comrade
€ 14,90
If you ask the likes of Peter Buck, Scott Mccaughey, Willy Vlautin, Jay Farrar, John Murry or Kathleen Edwards they’ll all agree that Peter Bruntnell is a writer with rare and mysterious qualities, as a result of which Peter has toured extensively with Son Volt, Kathleen Edwards and Richmond Fontaine at the request of the artists.

When NME claimed that „Peter Bruntnell’s records should be taught in schools“, they were referring to the particular appeal of the quiet Devonian’s songwriting craft. This new record returns emphatically to the earliest days of Bruntnell’s career, a full-on electric psych-rock experience.

Recorded between February and June 2015 and self-produced by Peter, Nos Da Comrade (which means „Good Night Comrade“ in Welsh) was recorded in Bruntnell’s home studio in deepest Devon, and in the village hall in the idyllic village of Mortehoe, where the band simply set up and blasted out the tunes: Mick Clews (drums), Peter Noone (bass), James Walbourne (guitar), Dave Little (guitar), Dai Godwin on backing vocals and Peter Linnane (mastering engineer) on string machine.

Peter Bruntnell has a unique ‚way with a tune‘ like no other contemporary artists. The most interesting thing about his music, and part of the reason for his devoted following, is the indefinable knack the songs have of locking into one’s emotions in an elusive, intangible but deeply affecting way.

03. September 2017

THE WYNNTOWN MARSHALS are celebrating their 10th anniversary with the retrospective After All These Years!

After All These Years
After All These Years
€ 14,90
Three studio albums into the Wynntown Marshals‚ career, the band mark a decade together with the release of a new album entitled After All These Years. Primarily a retrospective look back at some of the recorded highlights of the past ten years, the 16-track collection also includes 3 new, previously unreleased tracks which set the scene for the next chapter in the band’s history.

The Marshals released their self-financed debut EP in 2008. Shortly after this, when invited by a New Jersey-based record label to submit a song for a ‚Hair Metal‘ tribute album, the Marshals chose to reinterpret L.A. Guns‘ homage to Jayne Mansfield, „Ballad of Jayne“; reimagining this glam-rock ballad as a swaggering roots-rock workout, replete with pedal steel, 12-string guitars, and twanging Telecaster. This cover version instantly captured the attention of legendary British broadcaster ‚Whispering‘ Bob Harris, who playlisted the single and championed the band on his BBC Radio 2 show. This led to a live session on the show and previously-closed doors began to open for the band around the UK and in mainland Europe.

Westerner, the band’s debut long-player, was released in May 2010 and was a success with critics across Europe and beyond. A review on the Belgian Americana website ‚RootsTime‘ proclaimed the album as „the best album from Europe ever“. At this point, the Marshals started to attract the attention of promoters in Europe, and hit the road in earnest, playing gigs throughout the UK and making their first forays in to the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany, building a strong, loyal following. Support slots with Americana luminaries such as Jason & The Scorchers, Richmond Fontaine, and Chuck Prophet followed.

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25. August 2017

New on Rootsy: CORDOVAS

€ 14,90
Take one part Laurel Canyon – LA 1969, one part The Band – Woodstock 1971 and one part Grateful Dead – San Franscisco 1971. That is the classic and magic recipe of great rock music. It may sound simple, but we’ve seen so many bands try it and fail miserably. But don’t despair – here’s Cordovas! A Nashville based band that, with seemingly unlimited skill and feeling, manage to not only recreate, but also develop the this magnificent musical heritage.

With a bunch of great songs and harmony vocals like it were the seventies, the self released debut album of Cordovas was released in 2012. They did one tour and sold the 1000 copies they printed right away. And then the band disappeared and left behind a bunch of fans that suddenly realized that their new favorite band probably did’t exist.

About a year ago we picked up a rumor that Corovas were back on the roads and doing great. It turned out that the three year hiatus was exactly what the band leader and musical genius Joe Firstman needed to fulfill his vision of creating the best band in the world.

This is a dream come true! Rootsy Music is proud to a rerelease of the amazing debut album on CD and vinyl (for the first time ever).

25. August 2017

New on Rootsy: HANNAH ALDRIDGE – Gold Rush

Gold Rush
Gold Rush
€ 14,90
In literature and in songwriting, the American South is where writers go to face their fears. Hannah Aldridge doesn’t just dip her pen into the well of the South, the Muscle Shoals native embodies it. With every song, she’s facing down demons of a life once lived from substance abuse to failed relationships and scars from the lashes of the bible belt.

“Gold Rush” is Hannah Aldridge’s second album, a follow up to her 2014 debut “Razor Wire.” While that album launched her career, drew the attention of music writers and sent her touring across the world, “Gold Rush” shows a more mature and introspective artist with more life experience – and music experience – under her belt.

The honesty Hannah Aldridge crafts into each track is off-set by her stubborn, maybe defiant, nature, which gives her music a hopeful silver lining.

“I start writing with ‘this is how I’m feeling and I need to talk about it.’ Doing that helps me sort out my own thoughts on it. My music is an introspective look at the things that happened in my life. It’s me trying to sort through and put feelings into words,” she said.

Hannah Aldridge is the daughter of Muscle Shoals legend Walt Aldridge. An Alabama Music Hall of Famer, Walt Aldridge is a prolific and decorated songwriter of countless Number One and Top Ten hits recorded by the likes of Lou Reed, Reba McEntire, Travis Tritt, Earl Thomas Conley, Ricky Van Shelton, Ronnie Milsap, and Conway Twitty.

Mixing her personal life and the sounds of her hometown, Hannah Aldridge’s new album also draws in influences from across the rock genre. Working with people with one foot in country music and one foot in rock, Hannah Aldridge makes a fresh kind of Southern Rock styled by Southern Gothic storytelling. You can hear it in “Gold Rush”’s ode to burning out, or in the yearning of “Burning Down Birmingham”, and anthem-for-the-lonely “No Heart Left Behind” – a track that is shot-through with wild riffs.

Recorded at Creative Workshop in Nashville, Hannah Aldridge worked with Muscle Shoals writers such as Mark Naramore, Tosha Hill, Matt Johnson and Brad Crisler and artists such as Andrew Combs, Ashley McBryde, Don Gallardo, Ryan Beaver, and Sadler Vaden on “Gold Rush.” She teamed up with Jordan Dean and M. Allen Parker, who were instrumental in working on her new album, and finally finishing by calling on her Dad, Walt Aldridge, to master the record. In total, Hannah Aldridge compiled a team of distinct talents to work with her. With their help, Hannah Aldridge has put together a progressive, creative and memorable body of work.

“It’s about being self-destructive,” Aldridge said of her new album. “That is the underlying tone. The album goes back to when I was younger, and after touching on that, to now. In ‘Aftermath,’ the very first line is: ‘I was born in a crossfire.’ It starts from day one.”

27. Juli 2017

Second Blue Rose album by Chicago’s own, THE GREAT CRUSADES!

You can’t overlook the „9“, proudly displayed on the inner sleeve of Until The Night Turned To Day, the new album by the Great Crusades. This powerful four-piece from Chicago has been delighting audiences in Europe for 20 years, racking up more than 20 cross-Atlantic journeys. The Great Crusades have established themselves as a thrilling live act but while that reputation is well-deserved, it overshadows their achievements as recording artists. They are rarely perceived as the intelligently rocking, versatile, insightful-lyric-writing band that they are. Just in time for their early-summer tour, the band drop their 9th album Until The Night Turned To Day. After many years on Glitterhouse, this is their second album for Blue Rose Records and an apt successor for the much-lauded Thieves Of Chicago from 2014.

The Great Crusades were founded more than twenty years ago by band leader, singer, lyricist and guitarist Brian Krumm. As a front man with a powerful voice and performance he reminds us of Mark Lanegan, Nick Cave, Tito Larriva, Gary Floyd (Sister Double Happiness), John Kay (Steppenwolf), Joe Pena (Greyhound Soul) and Guy Kyser (Thin White Rope): an instantly recognizable shouter/singer/storyteller with a charismatic presence. After their first album from 1997, The First Spilled Drink Of The Evening, and moving from the rural midwest to Chicago, Krumm found a stable and as yet unchanged band formation with guitarist/keyboarder Brian Leach, bassist Brian Hunt and drummer/keyboarder Christian Moder to record the second album Damaged Goods (2000) with. These four also played on the following (Glitterhouse) albums Never Go Home (02), Welcome To The Hiawatha Inn (04), Four Thirty (06), Keep Them Entertained (07) and Fiction To Shame (10) as well as the aforementioned Blue Rose debut Thieves Of Chicago. On Until The Night Turned To Day they are supported by Brian Wilkie (pedal steel), Jake Brookman (cello) and singer Katie Todd.

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