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02. August 2017

Summer is here but was is missing to the nice weather and holiday season? Right – BUNDLE offers at the Blue Rose mailordershop you can’t resist!

The amount of items in one bundle package is limited to 3 copies. Prices are only valid for the CD bundles, for single orders the regular price is valid. One bundle will be handled like 1 item, shipping costs depend on the quantity. Check the shopping cart for shipping costs once all items are in the shopping cart. Shipping costs outside of Germany may be higher than it appears in the shopping cart. We’ll inform about higher postage before order will be dispatched. It’s possible to order more packages with one order.
This bundle campaign will last on August 31, 2017.

BUNDLE 1 (2 CDs): 8,00 €
BUNDLE 2 (3 CDs): 9,00 €
BUNDLE 3 (4 CDs): 10,00 €
BUNDLE 4 (5 CDs): 11,00 €
BUNDLE 5 (6 CDs): 12,00 €
BUNDLE 6 (7 CDs): 13,00 €
BUNDLE 7 (8 CDs): 14,00 €
BUNDLE 8 (9 CDs): 15,00 €
BUNDLE 9 (10 CDs): 16,00 €
BUNDLE 10 (11 CDs): 17,00 €

The albums pool you can select from:

Any Trouble – Live in Reverse (BLU CD0436)
The Baseball Project – Vol. 2: High And Inside (BLU DP0537)
Cindy Bullens – Howling Trains And Barking Dogs (BLU DP0527)
Austin Collins – Wrong Control (BLU DP0517)
Susan Cowsill – Lighthouse (BLU DP0514)
Easton Stagger Phillips – Resolution Road (BLU DP0633)
The Great Crusades – Thieves Of Chicago (BLU CD0628)
Tom Gillam – Last Night On Earth (BLU DP0636)
Jon Dee Graham – It’s Not As Bad As It Looks (BLU DP0502)
Jon Dee Graham – Garage Sale (BLU DP0578)
Greyhpound Soul – Tonight And Every Night (BLU DP0433)
Hardpan – Hardpan (BLU CD0271)
I See Hawks In L.A. – Mystery Drug (BLU DP0611)
Kris Kristofferson – Close To The Bone (BLU DP0492)
Stoney LaRue – Aviator (BLU CD0648)
Elliott Murphy – Alive in Paris (BLU DP0497)
NQ Arbuckle – The Future Happens Anyway (BLU DP0634)
The Parson Red Heads – Orb Weaver (BLU DP0639)
Sons Of Bill – The Gears EP (BLU DP0626)
South Austin Moonlighters – Burn & Shine (BLU DP0641)
Paul Thorn – Pimps And Preachers (BLU DP0528)
Greg Trooper – Upside-Down Town (BLU DP0531)
US Rails – US Rails (BLU CD0608)
Steve Wynn – Static Transmission (BLU DP0300)
Steve Wynn – …tick…tick…tick (BLU CD0390)

Aktions-Paket 1


2 CD
€ 8,00
Aktions-Paket 2


3 CD
€ 9,00
Aktions-Paket 3


4 CD
€ 10,00
Aktions-Paket 4


5 CD
€ 11,00
Aktions-Paket 5


6 CD
€ 12,00
Aktions-Paket 6


7 CD
€ 13,00
Aktions-Paket 7


8 CD
€ 14,00
Aktions-Paket 8


9 CD
€ 15,00
Aktions-Paket 9


10 CD
€ 16,00
Aktions-Paket 10


11 CD
€ 17,00

Additionally to each ordered bundle we’ll add free CDs to the now defunct Americana label „Blue Buffalo Records“ from the below listed albums:
BBO 004 Moondog Show – Far Beyond
BBO 006 Duane Jarvis/Dave Coleman & The Coal Men – EP
BBO 009 Last Train Home – Time And Water
BBO 010 Duane Jarvis – Delicious
BBO 011 Cashmonies & The Jetsetters – Thinking Out Loud
BBO 013 Steve Wedemeyer – Disclose
BBO 014 Last Train Home – Bound Away

At your coice you’ll receive
1 CD with 2 and 3 items bundles
2 CDs with 4 and 5 items bundles
3 CDs with 6 and 7 items bundles
4 CDs with 8 and 9 items bundles
5 CDs with 10 items bundles

All the CDs can be purchased at the regular price of € 2,90 each.

Far Beyond


We also offer bandles of the Blue Rose exclusive „Blue Rose Nuggets“ series:

BUNDLE 1 (2 CDs): 7,00 €
BUNDLE 2 (3 CDs): 9,00 €
BUNDLE 3 (4 CDs): 10,00 €
BUNDLE 4 (6 CDs): 12,00 €
BUNDLE 5 (10 CDs): 15,00 €
BUNDLE 6 (15 CDs): 18,00 €
BUNDLE 7 (20 CDs): 20,00 €

Albums pool:
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 3
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 24
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 25
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 26
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 27
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 29
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 30
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 31
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 32
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 33
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 34
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 35
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 36
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 37
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 38
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 39
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 40
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 41
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 42
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 43
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 44
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 45
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 47
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 48
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 50
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 53
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 54
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 55
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 56
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 57
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 58
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 59
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 60
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 62
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 63
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 64
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 65
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 66
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 67
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 68
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 69
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 71
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 72
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 73
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 74
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 75
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 77
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 78
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 79
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 80
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 82

Nuggets-Aktions-Paket 1

Nuggets-Aktions-Paket 2

Nuggets-Aktions-Paket 3

Nuggets-Aktions-Paket 4

Nuggets-Aktions-Paket 5


10 CD
€ 15,00
Nuggets-Aktions-Paket 6


15 CD
€ 18,00
Nuggets-Aktions-Paket 7


20 CD
€ 20,00
27. Juli 2017

Second Blue Rose album by Chicago’s own, THE GREAT CRUSADES!

You can’t overlook the „9“, proudly displayed on the inner sleeve of Until The Night Turned To Day, the new album by the Great Crusades. This powerful four-piece from Chicago has been delighting audiences in Europe for 20 years, racking up more than 20 cross-Atlantic journeys. The Great Crusades have established themselves as a thrilling live act but while that reputation is well-deserved, it overshadows their achievements as recording artists. They are rarely perceived as the intelligently rocking, versatile, insightful-lyric-writing band that they are. Just in time for their early-summer tour, the band drop their 9th album Until The Night Turned To Day. After many years on Glitterhouse, this is their second album for Blue Rose Records and an apt successor for the much-lauded Thieves Of Chicago from 2014.

The Great Crusades were founded more than twenty years ago by band leader, singer, lyricist and guitarist Brian Krumm. As a front man with a powerful voice and performance he reminds us of Mark Lanegan, Nick Cave, Tito Larriva, Gary Floyd (Sister Double Happiness), John Kay (Steppenwolf), Joe Pena (Greyhound Soul) and Guy Kyser (Thin White Rope): an instantly recognizable shouter/singer/storyteller with a charismatic presence. After their first album from 1997, The First Spilled Drink Of The Evening, and moving from the rural midwest to Chicago, Krumm found a stable and as yet unchanged band formation with guitarist/keyboarder Brian Leach, bassist Brian Hunt and drummer/keyboarder Christian Moder to record the second album Damaged Goods (2000) with. These four also played on the following (Glitterhouse) albums Never Go Home (02), Welcome To The Hiawatha Inn (04), Four Thirty (06), Keep Them Entertained (07) and Fiction To Shame (10) as well as the aforementioned Blue Rose debut Thieves Of Chicago. On Until The Night Turned To Day they are supported by Brian Wilkie (pedal steel), Jake Brookman (cello) and singer Katie Todd.

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01. Juli 2017

Many Blue Rose albums now available in the midprice and budgetprice level!

Now in MIDPRICE (CD € 9,90):
ALECTRO – School Of Desire
THE BOTTLE ROCKETS – The Bottle Rockets/Brooklyn Side (2CD)
THE BOTTLE ROCKETS – South Broadway Athletic Club
HIGH LINE RIDERS – Bumping Into Nothing
JAMES MCMURTRY – Complicated Game
MICKY & THE MOTORCARS – Across The Pond/Live In Germany
ELLIOTT MURPHY – Aquashow Deconstructed
PSYCHO SISTERS – Up On My Chair, Beatrice
LEEROY STAGGER – Dream It All Away
THE STATESBORO REVUE – Jukehouse Revival
THE WYNNTOWN MARSHALS – Welcome To The Golden Age

Now in BUDGETPRICE (CD € 5,90):
BASKERY – New Friends
AMELIA CURRAN – They Promised You Mercy
LINCOLN DURHAM – Exodus Of The Deemed Unrighteous
DAVID GRISSOM – How It Feels To Fly
JESS KLEIN – Learning Faith
LOS LONELY BOYS – Revelation
WILLIE NILE – If I Was A River
HANK SHIZZOE – Songsmith
PAUL THORN – Too Blessed To Be Stressed
US RAILS – Heartbreak Superstar

01. Juli 2017

Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 83 now available for only 5 € or for free!

It goes on – the Blue Rose mailorder-only CD series „Blue Rose Nuggets“ will be continued in the usual bi-monthly rhythm. It would have been a shame to stop the series just two issues before season 7 is completed with no. 84.
Because of the long break between no. 82 and no. 83 we had to wrap-up all the great albums out on Blue Rose in the last months so this issue is focused on songs by artists like William Clark Green, US Rails, Walter Salas-Humara, Elliott Murphy, The Brandos, The Grwat Crusades or The Bottle Rockets, just to name a few.

1. WILLIAM HARRIES GRAHAM – She’s Got / taken from the album “Foreign Fields” (BLU DP0685)
2. THE SOUTH AUSTIN MOONLIGHTERS – A Year Of Decembers / taken from the album “Ghost Of A Small Town” (BLU DP0687)
3. US RAILS – Everywhere I Go / taken from the album “Ivy” (BLU DP0690)
4. KELLEY MICKWEE – Take Me Home / taken from the album “You Used To Live Here” (BLU DP0642)
5. ELLIOTT MURPHY – Chelsea Boots / taken from the album “Prodigal Son” (BLU DP0693)
6. ALECTRO – Take Me To The Highway / taken from the album “School Of Desire” (BLU DP0657)
7. THE GREAT CRUSADES – Hey Hey (River Charles) / taken from the album “Until The Night Turned To Day” (BLU CD0695)
8. WALTER SALAS-HUMARA – The Only Story I Tell / taken from the album “Work: Part Two” (BLU DP0694)
9. THE BRANDOS – Suffer In Silence / taken from the album “Los Brandos” (BLU DP0670)
10. THE BOTTLE ROCKETS – Smile / taken from the album “South Broadway Athletic Club” (BLU DP0669)
11. HANK SHIZZOE – Ain’t Worth The Trouble / taken from the album “This Place Belongs To The Birds” (BLU DP0667)
12. THE STATESBORO REVUE – Every Town / taken from the album “Jukehouse Revival” (BLU DP0660)
13. THE BAND OF HEATHENS – All I’m Asking / taken from the album “Duende” (BLU DP0692)
14. STEPHEN SIMMONS – A World Without / taken from the album “A World Without” (BLU DP0689)
15. RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS – Meant For Mo’ / taken from the album “My Way Or The Highway” (BLU DP0691)

30. Mai 2017

Hardly to believe but they finally made it – THE BRANDOS are back with the new studio album Los Brandos!

Los Brandos
BRANDOS Los Brandos CD
€ 14,90

No other band on Blue Rose has ever taken a break this long! After many months of rumors, followed by clues and pieces of information distributed by mastermind Dave Kincaid, their loyal fans‘ dreams finally come true. After ten a half years The Brandos are back with a brand new studio album. Los Brandos is released just in time for their current tour of Europe. Truly, Los Brandos is the next great comeback of this New York-based band that is the embodiment of terms like „street credibility“, „old school rock’n’roll“ and „handmade electric guitar rock“.

Since their debut album Honor Among Thieves (1987) The Brandos have been delivering no-frills rock’n’roll dominated by crunchy guitars and a barnstorming raspy voice – a captivating mix of CCR, 60ies garage rock ethos, American roots with healthy doses of Irish folk and Latino border rock. Dave Kincaid is the band’s creative center and founding member, his band members fluctuate but since some of them eventually come back, there is a pool of Brandos musicians he keeps drawing from. But, clearly, Kincaid is the band’s undisputed leader, songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and the guy with the band’s amazing trademark voice. He has been working on Los Brandos for years and played 90 percent of the album’s guitar, bass, mandolin, keyboard and percussion parts himself in his Staten Island home studio. The analog-sounding final mix was concocted by Don Sternecker, known for his work with the Feelies, Neal Casal, Silos, Richard Barone and many others. He also worked on a number of previous Brandos albums including 2006’s Over The Border. Tommy Goss (who played on some songs of 1998’s Nowhere Zone) played drums. Guitarist Frank Giordano was a steady band member from ’96 to ’99 and added some parts to Los Brandos. Goss and Giordano will tour alongside Kincaid in a quartet completed by bassist Sal Maida (Cracker, Roxy Music, Sparks etc.).

Named after Marlon Brando’s famous movie „The Wild One“, the NYC-based band tumbled into turbulent times after the success of their first album Honor Among Thieves: Major label shenanigans, management trouble, personnel changes and a second album that was finished and then scrapped … it was almost a miracle when they reappeared in 1992 with Gunfire At Midnight. A successive string of albums – The Light Of The Day (94), Pass The Hat (96) and Nowhere Zone (98) – and regular tours including a Loreley show for German TV show Rockpalast cemented their status as a powerful rock band with something special. But they mainly focused on Europe in those years and slipped below the radar in the US.

In 2006 the Brandos joined Blue Rose Records and celebrated a successful comeback after an eight-year hiatus with Over The Border, a scorcher of an album with plenty of rocking Kincaid songs, some unexpected 60ies covers, some Irish folk and two border songs that foreshadowed the band’s future course – the opening title track and a surprise acoustic cover of „Guantanamera“ as the album closer.

„Over the border“ is the leitmotif for the new album Los Brandos! Latin American culture and the Spanish language have become a well of inspiration for Dave Kincaid. Five of the album’s ten songs are sung in Spanish (English lyric translations included) which brings out unexpected facets of Kincaid’s voice. In order to avoid misperceptions, though, the Brandos start proceedings with two rockers!

„Señor Coyote“ is the story of a contemptuous human trafficker who takes a lot of money for illegally bringing Mexicans into the US under terrible conditions. Is he „a demon of hell or the angel of my salvation?“ is the refugee’s question. ‚Querer A Los Niños‘ is dedicated to all children who are suffering from physical or psychological abuse in their own family. „Suffer In Silence“ is the first of five English-language songs, a panorama-sound guitar rock number, ready-made to become a a radio or festival hit. The well-structured semi-acoustic ballad „Woodstock Guitar“ delivers a smart storyline that stretches from the legendary 1969 festival via Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and The Band to today’s vibrant scene – from a delicate acoustic intro to fiery guitar salvos and pounding drums. It is contrasted by ‚Jacinto Chiclana‘, a melodic, romantic love song written by Tango great Astor Piazzolla. It’s a beautiful duet between honey-voiced Marta Gomez and Kincaid accompanied by keyboards and Spanish guitars.

The glistening guitar rock of ‚Maligna Presencia‘ is a classic, guitar-driven Brandos song – sung in Spanish. This song features a Tito & Tarantula vibe, ready-made for a Tarantino movie. „What Kind Of World“ is sparse acoustic folk in a melancholy solo performance by Dave Kincaid. ‚Bella Encantadora‘ is a moderately-paced melodic song with beautifully layered guitars, a strong hook and an exquisite guitar solo.

The raucous rocker „These Troubled Times“ comes closest in sound to Brandos classics like „Gunfire At Midnight“ and „Gettysburg“ with Kincaid’s rasp spitting out his angry lyrics about the desolate state of the world. But, alas, there’s hope: „These troubled times won’t bring us down, won’t make us blind.“ The album closes on an upbeat note with a good time cover of ‚A Todo Dar‘, a 1955 Latino hit for Pedro Infante, written by Ignacio Jaime, performed as high speed garage punk.

18. Mai 2017

Two years on – ELLIOTT MURPHY continues with Prodigal Son!

It’s been 44 years since the American singer/songwriter ELLIOTT MURPHY first made his mark on the rock music scene with his debut album Aquashow. The opener of this album that has since gained cult status was entitled ‚Last Of The Rock Stars‘ – in some ways that’s a clairvoyant motto for a remarkable career that’s not near its end. The 67-year-old artist who has been living in France for many years still has a few surprises up his sleeve. He never quite became a commercial rock star with #1 hits but Elliott Murphy is still a vital, seeking, creative force and someone who has never let himself be bent or pushed around, even though he might have stood in his own way once or twice. But that didn’t stop him from releasing album after album with admirable regularity and quality. Prodigal Son is his brand new album on Blue Rose Records. It’s not an anniversary record, simply another excellent album by Elliott Murphy who – in his own way – may be a true rock star and certainly is a unique artist.

Prodigal Son is his 35th album, more than a third of his oeuvre was released on Blue Rose. And almost all of these albums were developed in collaboration with French guitarist Olivier Durand. He has long been one of Europe’s finest, most original stringbenders with his fluid solos and excellent slide playing on acoustic & electric guitar and his mandolin picking. Together with Alan Fatras (drums) he forms Elliott’s backing band, The Normandy All-Stars. They have been accompanying Murphy on Coming Home Again (2006), Notes From The Underground (08), Alive In Paris (09), Elliott Murphy (10) and Aquashow Deconstructed and are doing so on Prodigcal Son, added by Gaspard Murphy, Elliott’s son, who replaced the longtime partner on bass, Laurent Pardo, who passed away in 2016. Murphy himself usually plays acoustic or electric guitar but also contributes banjo, piano and harmonica.

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25. März 2017

Blue Rose Records is moving!

After 26 years the company (Massacre Records and Blue Rose Records) is moving. Just a few kilometers from our old location we’ll settle in Untergruppenbach. Here is the full address info, valid from April 1st, 2017:

Massacre Records/Blue Rose Records
74199 Untergruppenbach
phone.: +49-(0)7131-4052377
fax: +49-(0)7131-4052376

25. März 2017

WALTER SALAS-HUMARA continues with his work series on Work: Part Two!

Walter Salas-Humara is a musician who seems to have a lot of fun with his rich back catalogue. It’s not that he lives in or from his glorious past – he’s been releasing quite a bit of new material this decade, solo and with The Silos – but he continues revisiting his early material after the successful start with Work: Part One now, consequently, with Work: Part Two. Again, he focuses mainly on classic, early Silos albums from 1985-1990, broadening his spectrum to include songs from early- to mid-90ies‘ albums. Once again he re-imagines these songs in a contemporary acoustic sound.

Walter Salas-Humara! The name is as unique as the man it belongs to. More than 30 years ago this versatile artist first appeared on the scene as the mastermind of alt.rock pioneers The Silos. With him as songwriter, lead singer and guitarist at the helm, the band created sensitive, smart, hooky, American „indie pop goes“ rock of the highest order. The 90s, however, were a decade of restlessness and experimentation. Changing places between New York, L.A. and the vibrant Austin, TX scene, the band repeatedly changed personnel and direction. They found their form again after the turn of the millennium in a series of albums for Blue Rose Records between 2001 and 2006 – and then in 2011 with the fabulous Florizona. Recently, Blue Rose released Curve And Shake, Salas-Humara’s first solo outing after 18 years. It was followed by the aforementioned Work: Part One in March 2016 and Explodes And Disappears just two months later. With this burst of releases, Walter Salas-Humara has cemented his status as an important and relevant independent musician and darling of the alt.Americana/No Depression scene.

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23. Januar 2017

RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS continue to celebrate the desert rock sound with My Way Or The Highway!

Rich Hopkins came of age on his abilities as a guitar-slinger and songwriter. His ear-bending way of expression became a rock ’n‘ roll definition of the romantic American southwest, these desert blasts filled with spirited tales, soaring hooks and a warm, beating heart. The songs pump blood in that essential way that says there’s nothing else in life for Hopkins but the song. Think of the music as an aural equivalent of rainwater-etched swirls in sandstone-it’s got timeless unstoppable beauty, and its shape sometimes shifts in graceful ways, but it’s always formable, always heavy.

Yes, that might sound like bio-ready hyperbole, but hold on: Trust the sizable audiences the world over who have long regarded Hopkins as the essential lifeguard of „desert rock,“ audiences who have responded to Hopkins‘ guitar heroics and scruffily quixotic songs since the storied, late-’80s and ’90s albums he made with that rowdy (now-mythological) major-label combo he co-founded called The Sidewinders (later rechristened The Sand Rubies), and then his own Rich Hopkins and the Luminarios. Nearly two-dozen albums all told, each persuasive and subtly dramatic, like a mounting monsoon storm, and also fun as hell.

Along the way he met Texas born-and-raised Lisa Novak, another gifted singer/songwriter whose shrewd yet empathetic storytelling rivals good short-story fiction, and whose voice and songwriting resembles a dusty mix of Emmylou Harris and Aimee Mann, and that’s considering just how hallowed (and odious) such comparisons can be.

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09. Januar 2017

THE BAND OF HEATHENS is back with Duende!

€ 14,90

duende – [duen-de] (noun) 1. a quality of inspiration and passion 2. A heightened sense of emotion, expression and authenticity 3. a spirit

Duende, the title of The Band of Heathens‘ fifth studio album (and eighth overall), marks their tenth anniversary as a group, and it certainly applies to its overall theme about the collective search for connection and communion in a technology-fueled world increasingly splintered, distracted and lonely. As band co-founder Ed Jurdi, who first learned of the term, explains, „It’s the essence of the artist,“ or as partner Gordy Quist says, „It’s a word we don’t have an equivalent for in English, Artistically, that’s where we tried to set the bar, to do what this band does best.“

Indeed, Duende lives up to those high ideals, a stylistically diverse effort that takes a leap beyond their last, more acoustic, introspective effort, 2013’s Sunday Morning Record, with an eclectic batch of material that shows where The Band of Heathens has been, but more importantly, where they are going.

There are high-energy rockers like the Keith Richards-Chuck Berry guitars and barrelhouse piano in „Trouble Came Early“ as well as the Grateful Dead-by-way-of J.J. Cale Oklahoma boogie in „Keys to the Kingdom,“ and the New Riders pedal steel country twang of „Green Grass of California,“ an ode to the more potent strains of sensimilla on the dispensary shelf and a fervent plea to „legalize it.“

Duende also touches on some of The Band of Heathens‘ favorite topics, from the sacrifices of a life lived on the road („All I’m Asking“) to the limits of materialism („Keys to the Kingdom“), social media absorption („Cracking the Code“), and a moving depiction of Mexican immigration in an age of increased discrimination („Road Dust Wheels“).

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