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Vinyl-Wiederveröffentlichung des seit vielen Jahren nicht mehr erhältlichen zweiten Albums von The Silos auf Dualtone. Sicher auch heute noch das definitive Silos-Überwerk mit "Tennessee Fire", "Margaret" und anderen Klassikern.

Vinyl re-issue of the long-out-of-print second album by The Silos, Cuba, which has become something of a low-flying classic since its release in 1987. The band's brand of rock & roll qualifies as pre-Uncle Tupelo alternative country, highlighted by the addition of Mary Rowell's violin. While songs like "Tennessee Fire" and "She Lives Up the Street" have given the Silos a reputation for rock & roll, they also excel with gentler ballads. The acoustic "Margaret" is one of the album's best moments, highlighted by an acoustic arrangement and Dave Pearlman's steel guitar.

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DT LP 1692
€ 18.90

Side One
1. Tennessee Fire (5:31)
2. She Lives Up The Street (3:09)
3. For Always (4:13)
4. Margaret (3:08)
5. Mary's Getting Married (3:51)
Side Two
1. Memories (3:12)
2. Just This Morning (3:44)
3. Going Round (4:10)
4. It's Alright (2:30)
5. All Falls Away (4:40)