Childish Things

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Wer James Murtry schon einmal live gesehen hat, der kann kaum glauben, dass ein Trio einen solch unglaublichen Hammersound rüberbringt. „Childish Things“ ist das erste Studioalbum seit 3 Jahren. Wir haben es noch nicht gehört, aber wir können davon ausgehen, das ihm die Ideen für kräftigen Gitarrenrock nicht ausgegangen sind.

James McMurtry proves to be ever reliable, and consistent, when it comes to sharply written songs in a distinctive style that is unmistakably his. The title track on Childish Things, his first studio album in 3 years, begins with a line thats as idiomatic as anything hes every written: "Aunt Clara kept her bible right next to the phone in case she needed a quote while she talked to someone." He gets the most from every line and each one draws interest and imagery. This self-produced release offers 12 consecutive examples of his lyrical mastery, with edgy musical performances of rootsy rock that are understated yet mighty flavorful. While he shies away from more overt political ranting across the board, he does funnel the whole load into the fantastic "We Cant Make It Here", which plays like the "true" state of the union according to James McMurtry. Its one of the most backhandedly poignant and pertinent songs hes ever written.

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Childish Things
Childish Things
CR 1111
€ 15.90*

1. See The Elephant
2. Childish Things
3. We Can't Make It Here
4. Ole Slew Foot
5. Bad Enough
6. Restless
7. Memorial Day
8. Six-Year Drought
9. The Old Part Of Town
10. Charlemagne's Home Town
11. Pocatello
12. Holiday