It Had To Happen

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4. Album aus dem Jahr 1997, erschienen auf Sugar Hill. Wie auch auf den Vorgängeralben hält McMurtry den gewohnten hohen musikalischen Standard und veröffentlicht eines seiner besten Alben.

James McMurtry's fourth album of new material concerns itself with change. Showing a maturity that doesn't show itself much in the roots rock genre, It Had to Happen winds its way through many stories set to music. "Sixty Acres" deals with inheritance, while "No More Buffalo," a standout cut, dwells on both natural and personal destruction. Tastefully done, McMurtry and his fellow travelers offer fine music done maturely. - All Music Guide (

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It Had To Happen
It Had To Happen
SUG 1058
€ 18.90*

1. Paris
2. Peter Pan
3. For All I Know
4. No More Buffalo
5. 12 O'Clock Whistle
6. Sixty Acres
7. Be With Me
8. Wild Man From Boreno
9. Stancliff's Lament
10. Jaws Of Life