Where'd You Hide The Body

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Drittes Album von McMurtry und letztes für CBS/Columbia, erschienen 1995. Warum ihn die Major Company nicht halten wollte ist nur damit zu erklären, dass sich wohl der erwartete Erfolg nicht einstellen wollte. An der musikalischen Qualität ist es wie so oft nicht gelegen, denn auch diesmal hat McMurtry 13 allerfeinste Rootsrock-Songs aufgenommen.

Whereas Too Long In the Wasteland debuted McMurtry's gift for delineating characters and situations within a song, Where'd You Hide the Body finally gets around to matching that talent with some heavy-duty musical talent. Produced by Don Dixon (who also plays on all tracks save the last), with guitar great David Grissom and a superb set of backing musicians, Where'd You Hide the Body outstrips McMurtry's other efforts with its sheer range. From a funky "Fuller Brush Man" to the aural intensity of "Rachel's Song," this 1995 Columbia release pleases each time it is heard, and is much more than a vehicle for McMurtry's songwriting talent. - All Music Guide (www.allmusic.com)

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Where'd You Hide The Body
Where'd You Hide The Body
CK 66188
€ 9.90*

1. Iolanthe
2. Off and Running
3. Fuller Brush Man
4. Rachel's Song
5. Down Across The Delaware
6. Levelland
7. One More Winter
8. Late Norther
9. Rayolight
10. Melinda
11. Lost In The Back Yard
12. Where'd You Hide The Body
13. Right Here Now