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Zweites Album von McMurtry, erschienen 1992 wie der Vorgänger beim Major CBS/Columbia und so stark wie der Erstling "Too Long In the Wasteland".

Like Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler (but with less mumble), James McMurtry offers a deep, personable (if plain) voice and delivery, equally suited to both country and rock. The instrumental backing veers between and blurs the two forms, the fluid dynamics rendering the distinction irrelevant. Whatever you call it, the music serves up a perfect backdrop to McMurtry's strong suit — his evocative, short-story lyrics. Eventually, rock appears to win out as guitars veer into overdrive on "Save Yourself" and "Storekeeper"; the disc finally closing with the wistful, acoustic "Dusty Pages." - All Music Guide (

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CK 46911
€ 9.90

1. Where's Johnny
2. Vague Directions
3. Hands Like Rain
4. Safe Side
5. Candyland
6. Don't Waste Away
7. Good Life
8. Save Yourself
9. Storekeeper
10. Dusty Pages