Saint Mary In The Woods

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6. Album von McMurtry aus dem Jahr 2002, das letzte auf Sugar Hill Records, ehe er zu Compadre Records wechselte. Es zeigt ihn weiterhin auf höchstem Niveau - für nicht wenige Fans gar sein bestes Album bis dahin.

James McMurtry returns with another collection of literate, easy going musical portraits that straddle both rock and country borders. Returning to the passionate songwriting and hard-edged characters that McMurtry is known for, his sixth album inspires thoughts of sweeping planes and dusty roads. "He shares the verbal ingenuity, the restless anger, the same subterranean homesick satire, and owes a considerable debt to Dylans manic electrification of folk narratives." Roy Kasten - No Depression

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Saint Mary In The Woods
Saint Mary In The Woods
SUG 1071
€ 16.50*

1. Dry River
2. Valley Road
3. Saint Mary Of The Woods
4. Out Here In The Middle
5. Lobo Town
6. Broken Bed
7. Red Dress
8. Gulf Road
9. Gone To The Y
10. Choctaw Bingo