The Irish-American's Song (Songs of the Union and Confederate Irish Soldiers, 1861-1865)

David Kincaid ist der Kopf der Brandos, hierzulande schon seit Ende der 80er Jahre erfolgreiche Rock-Band. In seiner Heimat ist er mit den Brandos nie über einen Insiderstatus hinaus gekommen. Weit bekannter ist er als Aufarbeiter der Songs während des amerikanischen Bürgerkrieges bekannt. Er spezialisierte sich dabei auf Songs, von Soldaten aus Irland stammen, die sowohl auf Unions-Seite als auch bei den Konföderierten gekämpft hatten. Bereits mit dem Album "The Irish Volunteer" hatte er einen großen Erfolg, der mit dem vorliegenden 2. Album fortgesetzt wurde. Kincaid holte sich aus einer Unzahl von Quellen die Informationen zu den jeweiligen Stücken zusammen und fast diese in einem sehr umfangreichen und extrem informativen 36-Seiten-Booklet zusammen. Für die Umsetzung der Songs übernehm er die meisten Instrumente, als Unterstützung waren im Studio Seth Farber (Piano), Frank Giordano (Gitarre, Harmony Vocals), Liz Knowles (Fiddle), Anik Oulianine (Chello), Jerry O'Sullivan (Uilleann Pipes & Whistle) sowie John Whelan (Button Accordion).

David Kincaid's highly acclaimed first album, "The Irish Volunteer," received such critical accolades as “one of the most emotionally credible Civil War recordings ever made, as well as a superb, irresistibly melodic Irish folk recording" (Scott Alarik-The Boston Globe), and "Stirring stuff.” (Dick Hogan-The Irish Times). Even Irish folk-music legend Tommy Makem was quoted as saying “I have come across a young man named David Kincaid. He has such a wonderful CD out, of tremendously good songs, and he does them so well.” On the heels of these reviews, this new offering, entitled “The Irish-American’s Song,” is sure to enchant once again the fans of this music and history. It differs from the first in that in consists of songs from both the Union and the Confederacy; all of them from the perspective of the Irish –oftentimes pitted against each other– in the great tragedy of the American Civil War. (Click for new reviews) From sound of the fretless, gut-string banjo, period parlor guitar, uilleann pipes, fiddle & button accordion, to the nineteenth century four-part vocal harmony arrangements and piano, every effort was made to give this recording the authentic feel and sound of the Civil War era. We are delighted to announce that the principle musicians featured on the previous album were again available for this recording. They are, of course, Liz Knowles-Fiddle (Riverdance, Cherish The Ladies), Jerry O’Sullivan-Uilleann Pipes & Whistle (Shanachie recording artist), and John Whelan-Irish Button Accordion (seven time All-Ireland champion and Narada recording artist). Also again featured are Frank Giordano-Harmony Vocal & Guitar (The Brandos), Seth Farber-Piano (Willy DeVille Band, Hairspray- Broadway musical), and Anik Oulianine-Cello (Thoroughly Modern Milly-Broadway Musical). David Kincaid handles the Lead & Harmony Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bodhrán & Bones, as well as the recording engineering, arranging and production.

The process of researching the material used in this album was, and remains, a never ending one, and the search which began in 1988 for songs from The Irish Volunteer continues to this day. Sources vary from public libraries such as the New York City Public Library/Performing Arts Branch and the John Hay Library/Brown University, to museums and private collections. In addition to the song material, a broad search was conducted for period graphics, relics, and photographs of Irish-American Civil War soldiers. We were indeed fortunate to find friends in this field of interest all over the country –North and South– who were willing to allow us the use of their photographs and/or relics –most of which were previously unpublished– and have been liberally incorporated into this new album’s 36 page full color booklet (see below). This also includes the album's complete lyrics, and historical liner notes by acclaimed Civil War author Joseph G. Bilby.

After some five years on the Historic Music/Irish-Folk Music scene, David Kincaid has garnered an impressive following of fans of this genre, being invited to perform at Irish Festivals, National Park historic sites such as Gettysburg National Military Park, and concert venues across the country. Whether you're new to David Kincaid's music, or an old fan, this new collection is sure to conjure up the blood and thunder of those brave Irish heroes -North and South- capturing the imagination of fans of both historic and Irish music alike.

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The Irish-American's Song (Songs of the Union and Confederate Irish Soldiers, 1861-1865)
The Irish-American's Song (Songs of the Union and Confederate Irish Soldiers, 1861-1865)
HFCD 503
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1. The Irish Sixty Ninth (US)
2. Kelly's Irish Brigade (CS)
3. Camp Song of the Chicago Irish Brigade (US)
4. Private Maguire (CS)
5. The President's Ball (US)
6. Song for the Irish Brigade (CS)
7. The Irish American's Song (US)
8. The Dreadful Engagement (CS)
9. Young America and Ould Ireland (US)
10. Two Brothers Mastersons (CS)
11. We'll Fight For Uncle Sam (US)
12. The Irish Battalion (CS)