Ways Not To Lose

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Debütalbum von 2006.

Way's Not To Lose a stunning debut album of original songs from Oliver and Chris Wood (Medeski Martin & Wood). Like the work of Leon Russell, early Tom Waits, or Dr. John, the songs of The Wood Brothers possess a timeless quality; their bedrock melodies and astutely observed stories sound instantly archetypal. The songs are arranged just as the brothers conceived them expressive yet economical, letting Oliver's coarse, impressionistic guitar work and Chris' nimble, note-bending bass playing speak volumes.

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Ways Not To Lose
Ways Not To Lose
BLUN 3120
€ 14.90

1. One More Day
2. Tried and Tempted
3. Luckiest Man
4. Glad
5. Chocolate On My Tongue
6. Atlas
7. Time to Stand Still
8. The Truth Is The Light
9. Spirit
10. Angel Band
11. Where My Baby Might Be
12. That's What Angels Can Do