The Muse

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Album von 2013, produziert von Buddy Miller.

Produced by country-music legend Buddy Miller, the album embodies a newfound musical bond between brothers Oliver and Chris Wood one cemented by two years on the road with a new full-time member, drummer Jano Rix. Recorded at Southern Ground Studios in Nashville, The Muse mines The Wood Brothers timeless influences Robert Johnson, Willie Nelson, Charles Mingus and showcases their high-lonesome harmonies, Oliver s gritty acoustic guitars, Chris virtuosic standup bass and their warrior poet lyrics. New to this recording is the shuitar, a beat-up acoustic guitar rigged with tuna cans and other noisemakers, which Jano uses (and has patented) as a percussive instrument.

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The Muse
The Muse
€ 12.90

1. Wastin My Mind
2. Neon Tombstone
3. Sing About It
4. Honey Jar
5. The Muse
6. Keep Me Around
7. Sweet Maria
8. I Got Loaded
9. Who the Devil
10. Losin Streak
11. Firewater