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2017 release. Since the release of his 2015 debut, Angeleno, Outlaw remains one of LA's only modern country singers to earn international acclaim. With his follow-up, Tenderheart, he shows an impressive refinement of his artistic identity. Sonically, the album further elaborates Outlaw's SoCal Country sound: a sun-bleached, Baja-influenced twang that deftly points to country's neo-traditionalists and LA's legendary singer/songwriters.

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Angeleno CD € 10.00 Info

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SIX 106
€ 9.00

1 Everyone's Looking for Home
2 Bottomless Mimosas
3 Bougainvillea, I Think
4 Tenderheart
5 Trouble
6 She's Playing Hard to Get (Rid of)
7 Two Broken Hearts
8 Diamond Ring
9 Say It to Me
10 All My Life
11 Dry in the Sun
12 Now She Tells Me
13 Look at You Now