More Love

For their fourth album, the California vocal duo of Cindy Wasserman and Frank Lee Drennen have joined forces with producer John Doe—of the legendary band X, with whom they’ve toured numerous times—to create an album that places their achingly beautiful signature vocals and harmonies in finely etched rock, alt-country and pop settings. The sound is both contemporary and timeless. “John brought focus, passion, and experience to the sessions, bringing out a better version of us,” says the duo.
Recorded, mixed and mastered in Los Angeles by multiple Grammy®-Award winner Dave Way, More Love contains 12 songs about the joy and heartbreak of love. There are 11 originals—among them “Boundless Fearless Love,” “Radio Silence” and “Waiting Patiently”—plus a cover of Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home To Me” that thematically closes this deeply felt album. The masterful band on More Love includes D.J. Bonebrake of X, lead guitarist Elliot Easton of The Cars, and ace pedal steel guitarist Greg Leisz.
“This was a group effort; band, singers, engineer, producer all equal, all working toward a common, honest goal,” says John Doe. “All of us in a room making real music, from the heart, from intuition, from aching and wanting, from beauty and the desert. “They have combined all of the influences (alt-country, gospel, Everly Brothers) from their previous records into this one,” says John Doe. “More Love is heart and soul from two deeply, original singers and songwriters. Somehow Cindy and Frank connect the dots between ’70s country and ’60s soul music. They are a modern-day Gram and Emmylou singing songs that Otis and Carla would sing.”
“These are difficult days and we need more, more love,” says Frank Drennen about the new album. “As Willie Dixon said to me when I was blessed to meet him some years ago, all songs are about love,” says Cindy Wasserman. “Happy or sad songs, they are all about love—more love.”

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More Love
More Love
OMRE 327
€ 16.90

1 More Love
2 Boundless Fearless Love
3 Stereo
4 Radio Silence
5 Nail Gun
6 All This Time
7 Singing on the Telephone
8 Waiting Patiently
9 Darkness Never Tells
10 Bleeding Blue
11 Tell Me Goodbye
12 Bring It on Home to Me