Oh God Ma'am

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Die drei Brüder Sam, Abe und James Wilson bewegen sich musikalisch galant zwischen Southern Rock, Alternative Country, Roots, Americana und hymnischem Rock im Hier und Jetzt. Mit ihrer spärlichen Produktion, einprägsamen, verträumten Melodien und intensiven Rhythmen bewegt sich das neue Werk weit über die galvanische Americana-Rock-Komfortzone hinaus. Die Band liefert ihr bis dato klangvollstes und eingängistes Album ab. Musikalische Höhepunkte gibt es reichlich, Songs wie "Believer / Pretender", "Firebird 85" und "Where We Stand" überzeugen durch catchy Hooks und "Oh God Ma'am" ist sicherlich für Fans von Drive By Truckers, My Morning Jacket, REM bis hin zu Band Of Horses ein musikalisches Highlight dieses Jahr.

As three sons of a venerated theology and literature professor at the University of Virginia (who also taught his sons how to play guitar and write songs,) Sons of Bill were always keen to represent the American south with a slightly higher brow- an upright and literary aspect of the southern culture that rarely gets an adequate hearing in pop music. And like so many of the southern writers they grew up reading (James teaches and is currently writing a book on William Faulkner) The Wilson brothers often pull songs from the darker regions of the human imagination- slyly and earnestly scratching at their own spiritual scabs with both humor and sincerity, as a way of exploring life's enduring complexities: faith, love, and the weirdness of time. It gives the whole record a unique atmosphere of tragicomedy- equal parts post-adolescent anxiety and old-soul humility. In search of the proper nomenclature, one critic would simply describe Sons of Bill as "metaphysical American music."

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Oh God Ma'am
Oh God Ma'am
€ 19.90

1 Sweeter, Sadder, Farther Away
2 Firebird '85
3 Believer/Pretender
4 Easier (Feat. Molly Parden)
5 Where We Stand
6 Good Mourning (They Can't Break You Now)
7 Before the Fall
8 Green to Blue
9 Old and Gray
10 Signal Fade