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Erste Compilation, die die komplette Discografie der Country Rock-Pioniere umfasst. Überwacht von Rusty Young und dem Management der Band, enthält der Set alle Singles, die Poco in der annähernd 50-jährigen Karriere veröffentlicht haben, sowie einige herausragende Albumtracks.
Stücke aus jedem Studioalbum sind auf den drei CDs zu finden, wobei erstmals alle Labels, bei denen Poco Musik veröffentlicht hatten (Epic, ABC, MCA, Atlantic, RCA und Drifter's Church), vertreten sind.

This 3CD set is the most comprehensive and complete compilation released for Poco.
Compilated under the supervision of Rusty Young and the band’s management, the set contains all the singles Poco released in their almost half-a-century career, plus a number of wonderful deep cut album tracks.
Tracks from every studio album are featured on this album, bringing together the band’s Epic, ABC, MCA, Atlantic, RCA and Drifter’s Church catalogues for the first time.

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All Fired Up 2-LP € 19.90 Info

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UMG 3463
€ 16.90

Disc 1
1 My Kind of Love
2 Hard Luck
3 Pickin' Up the Pieces
4 You Better Think Twice
5 Just For Me and You
6 Railroad Days
7 Bad Weather
8 A Good Feelin' To Know
9 Go and Say Goodbye
10 And Settlin' Down
11 Here We Go Again
12 Brass Buttons
13 Magnolia
14 Faith In the Families
15 Rocky Mountain Breakdown
16 High and Dry
17 Keep On Tryin'
18 Makin' Love
19 Rose of Cimarron
20 Starin' At the Sky

Disc 2
1 Indian Summer
2 Downfall
3 Crazy Love
4 Heart of the Night
5 Legend
6 Barbados
7 Midnight Rain
8 Under the Gun
9 The Everlasting Kind
10 Widowmaker
11 Sea of Heartbreak
12 Ghost Town
13 Shoot For the Moon
14 Break of Hearts
15 Days Gone By
16 This Old Flame
17 Save a Corner of Your Heart
18 Call It Love
19 Nothin' To Hide

Disc 3
1 The Nature of Love
2 If Your Heart Needs a Hand
3. Running Horse
4 Cajun Moon (Acoustic / Live)
5 Regret
6 Hard Country
7 Neil Young
8 C'mon (Live)
9 Honky Tonk Down Stairs (Live)
10 Believe Me
11 Your Mama Don't Dance - Loggins & Messina
12 It's All Right Here - Jim Messina
13 This Magic Moment - Richie Furay
14 I Still Have Dreams - Richie Furay
15 Hearts On Fire - Randy Meisner
16 So Much In Love - Timothy B. Schmit
17 Playin' It Cool - Timothy B. Schmit
18 My Friend - Rusty Young