Two Fisted Tales (Expanded+Remastered)

Auf Cherry Red Records erscheint das vierte Album der US-amerikanischen Alternative-Country-Formation The Long Ryders aus dem Jahre 1987 als 3-CD-Boxset mit Bonustracks, Demos aus den Bandarchiven und einem Konzertmitschnitt aus dem Oasis Water Park in Palm Spring, Kalifornien. Booklet mit neuem Artwork und vielen raren Fotos. Remastered!

The Long Ryders were formed in Los Angeles in 1982 by young American musicians influenced by Gram Parsons and the Byrds, with country and punk rock influences wedded together to create the Alt-country of today. Stephen McCarthy went on to the Jayhawks while Sid Griffin moved to London and became a writer and a broadcaster. The band featured Sid Griffin on 12-string Rickenbacker guitar, autoharp, and harmonica, Stephen McCarthy, guitar, steel guitar, mandolin, and banjo, Tom Stevens on bass, and Greg Sowders, playing drums and percussion. .With a sound reminiscent of Gram Parsons and the Buffalo Springfield, but with a harder edge, the Long Ryders anticipated the alternative country music of the 1990's by a decade. This 3-CD version overseen by Tom Stevens contains the re-mastered album, a disc of demos from the band's personal archives and a memorable live show from Palm Springs. Re-mastered by Andy Pearce the recordings, in Sid's opinion, have never sounded so good. A new booklet designed by Phil Smee contains many rare photos and memorabilia and liner notes by Sid Griffin.

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Two Fisted Tales (Expanded+Remastered)
Two Fisted Tales (Expanded+Remastered)
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Disc: 1
1. Gunslinger Man
2. I Want You Bad
3. A Stitch In Time
4. The Light Gets In The Way
5. Prairie Fire
6. Baby's In Toyland
7. Long Story Short
8. Man Of Misery
9. Harriet Tubman's Gonna Carry Me Home
10. For The Rest Of My Days
11. Spectacular Fall
12. Ring Bells
13. 17 Ways
14. Blues Theme
Disc: 2
1. Prairie Fire
2. He's Got Himself A Young Girl
3. Baby's In Toyland
4. Man Of Misery
5. Flak Jacket
6. Harriet Tubman's Gonna Carry Me Home
7. 17 Ways
8. Gunslinger Man
9. How Do We Feel What's Real?
10. Basic Black
11. Light Gets In The Way
12. A Stitch In Time
13. Long Story Short
14. He Can Hear His Brother Calling
15. The Upper Hand
16. Pushin' Uphill
17. Ring Bells
18. Sad Sad Songs
19. For The Rest Of My Days
20. Spectacular Fall
Disc: 3
1. Gunslinger Man
2. Man, Of Misery
3. Prairie Fire
4. Lights Of Downtown
5. A Stitch In Time
6. State Of My Union
7. Baby's In Toyland
8. Harriet Tubman's Gonna Carry Me Home
9. The Light Gets In The Way
10. Long Story Short
11. Capturing The Flag
12. I Had A Dream
13. Spectacular Fall