Coming Up For Air

"Der Bassist der DIRE STRAITS – JOHN ILLSLEY – mit seinem Mini-Solo-Album „Coming Up For Air“, das einerseits sehr intensiv den Odem seiner ehemaligen Band atmet und andererseits mit sehr gefühlvollen Folk-Songs und/oder Balladen aufwartet, welche bewegende, tiefgründige Texte zum Inhalt haben. Unerlässlich für alle, die noch immer gerne in Erinnerungen an die DIRE STRAITS schwelgen!" (

John Illsley, a founder member of Dire Straits, has been making solo albums for several years now and then taking to the road to play the new songs along with the old Dire Straits hits. 2019 sees John with a brand new album, 'Coming Up for Air' and an unusual tour to go with it. This time it's an evening with John Illsley with questions and answers and live music to compliment.

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Coming Up For Air
Coming Up For Air
CAR 939
€ 15.90

1. Old Amsterdam
2. Double Time
3. Coming Up for Air
4. So It Goes
5. When Things Go Right
6. Wild One
7. Picking Up the Pieces