Already Gone

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This Australian trio have proven that they are more than capable to create a full-length album in the near future. This seven-track EP is the second by Sons of the East, and it contains some of their finest work yet. The style and character of their 2013 single ‘Hold On’ is remade in a lot of the songs in this album, successfully. Despite the presence of guitars, piano plays a greater role for the group in this EP. Single ‘Into the Sun’ begins with a simple yet elegant piano chord theme, and many listeners would undoubtedly reach a state of Nirvana when Nick Johnston’s vocals are introduced. Sons of the East show how folk can be more than a whiny country bloke thrashing a guitar. Tracks ‘Fast and Slow’, ‘Head For Home’ and ‘The Farmer’ all perfectly balance banjo and guitar riffs with piano and bass, creating an atmosphere unique to Aussie folk rock. Title track ‘Already Gone’ is a bit of fun, a 12-bar blues sequence accompanying witty lyrics and a jazz organ. This song also demonstrates the skill of the three gents from East Sydney, as they are able to create a variety of folk styles. It’s really exciting to hear upcoming bands such as this grow rapidly in popularity and quality at such an early stage in their careers. Expect their debut album to reach the top ten in the Australian charts, when it eventually arrives.

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Already Gone
Already Gone
€ 13.90

1. Fast And Slow
2. Already Gone
3. Into The Sun
4. Head For Home
5. Lonely
6. My Repair
7. Jacaranda Tree
8. The Farmer