Live The Love Beautiful

Drivin N Cryin are a rock 'n' roll institution. From their days as MTV-approved radio stars to their rebirth as DIY icons of the American underground, they've spent three and a half decades building a legacy grounded in sharp songwriting, southern stomp, and loud, life affirming shows. Trends have come and gone. Bandmates have done the same. But Drivin N Cryin continue to hit the stage night after night, guitars in hand, amplifiers on full blast, delivering the soundtrack to a self-made rock & roll saga that's ever-unfolding.

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Live The Love Beautiful
Live The Love Beautiful
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1. Free Ain't Free
2. I Used to Live Around Here
3. What's Wrong With Being Happy
4. Step By Step
5. Spies
6. Live the Love Beautiful
7. If I'm Not There I'll Be Here
8. Someday
9. Ian McLagen
10. Over and Over
11. Sometimes I Wish I Didn't Care