Sugar & Joy

Sugar & Joy, The Dead South's tightest, weirdest and most exciting studio work yet, is their first album written and recorded outside Regina. The album was produced by FAME Studio-trained Jimmy Nutt, a longtime member of the Muscle Shoals music scene whose recent credits include a Grammy for his work on The Steeldrivers. "They have an obvious dedication to what they are doing," says Nutt. "They really encourage each other, which you don't see a lot."

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Sugar & Joy
Sugar & Joy
SXSH 129
€ 13.90

1. Act of Approach
2. Diamond Ring
3. Blue Trash
4. Black Lung
5. Fat Little Killer Boy
6. Broken Cowboy
7. Snake Man Pt I
8. Snake Man Pt II
9. Heaven In A Wheelbarrow
10. Crawdaddy Served Cold
11. Alabama People
12. Spaghetti
13. Distance Oneself
14. This Little Light (Bonus Track)