Final Refuge

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Lieferbar ab ca. 8. November 2019

Available app. November 8, 2019 Ad Vanderveen has earned a reputation as a fine singer/songwriter in the new folk and roots genre.His work is often compared to greats like Neil Young, Bob Dylan or Townes Van Zandt. In Final Refuge‘s lyrical content, spiritual and mystical themes alternate with more mundane affairs, covering subject matter that most serious and grown up music lovers could relate to like reflections on transience, love and faith, as well as more personal inquisition, self-knowledge and worldly philosophy.

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Final Refuge
Final Refuge
CROCD 5003
€ 16.90*

1. All The Same Music
2. I Tell Myself
3. Tinytown
4. The Karma Question
5. Homecoming
6. Every Grain Of Sand
7. Know Yourself
8. Blues Ain't Nothing
9. The Signet Ring
10. Lonely Family
11. Man Of Few Words