Hard Lessons

Chris Shiflett, Gitarrist bei den Foo Fighters, veröffentlicht sein neues Album "Hard Lessons". Erneut hat Grammy-Preisträger Dave Cobb (u.a. Sturgill Simpson, Shooter Jennings, Colter Wall, Jason Isbell) produziert. Das Album wurde im RCA Studio A in Nashville aufgenommen, mit Shiflett an der E-Gitarre und Cobb an der Akustikgitarre sowie ein All-Star-Kollektiv von Studiomusikern wie Chris Powell (Brent Cobb, Jamey Johnson) an Schlagzeug und Percussion, Brian Allen (Jason Isbell, Jamey Johnson) am Bass, Michael Webb (Ashley Monroe, Eli Young Band) am Keyboard und Paul Franklin (Vince Gill, Dire Straits) am Pedal Steel und Kristen Rogers (Anderson East, Lori McKenna) steuert Harmoniegesant bei. Das Album enthält auch ein Duett mit Elizabeth Cook auf "The One You Go Home To" und als Special Guest Gitarrist Laur "Little Joe" Joamets (der ehemalige Gitarrist von Sturgill Simpson) auf "This Ol' World". Chris Shiflett, geboren in Santa Barbara und heute in Los Angeles lebend, ist einer der besten Lead-Gitarristen der Welt und seit 20 Jahren Teil der Rockband Foo Fighters. Neben der Musik ist Shiflett Schöpfer und Gastgeber des wöchentlichen Podcasts "Walking the Floor with Chris Shiflett", der Einzelinterviews mit einer Vielzahl von musikalischen Gästen, Schriftstellern, Athleten und Künstlern präsentiert (u.a, Ace Frehley, Vince Gill, Chris Stapleton, Sheryl Crow und viele mehr). "Hard Lessons" ist Shifletts viertes Soloalbum.

Recorded between Foo Fighters tours, Hard Lessons reunites Shiflett with Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb, who also oversaw the tracking sessions for West Coast Town. It was Cobb's idea to track down a Marshall JCM800, a vintage guitar amp that became a popular piece of gear during the 1980s' hard rock scene. Plugging his Telecaster Deluxe and Les Paul Gold Top into that amplifier added a heavy dose of grit to Shiflett's material, which he'd written while touring and during songwriting sessions with co-writers like Elizabeth Cook, Brian Whelan, Kendell Marvel, and Aaron Raitiere. In the studio, he followed Cobb's usual practice of recording the basic tracks in a series of live takes without a click track, with the entire studio band including Cobb on acoustic guitar, drummer Chris Powell and bassist Brian Allen playing at once. Pedal steel legend Paul Franklin, keyboardist Mike Webb, and harmony vocalist Kristen Rogers all chipped in during the overdub stage. The result is an album that's loud, immediate, and natural-sounding. Hard Lessons is Chris Shiflett's most vital album to date a record that blurs the boundaries between country and rock & roll, shining a light once again not only on Shiflett's guitar work, but his fiery abilities as a frontman and songwriter, as well.

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Hard Lessons
Hard Lessons
EBR 821
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1. Liar's Word
2. This Ol' World
3. Welcome To Your First Heartache
4. The Hardest Lessons
5. The One You Go Home To
6. Fool's Gold
7. I Thought You'd Never Leave
8. Weak Heart
9. Marfa On My Mind
10. Leaving Again
11. The Hardest Lessons (Reprise)