Fever Breaks

"Fever Breaks", das zehnte Studioalbum des gefeierten Sängers und Songwriters, wurde von Grammy-Preisträger Jason Isbell produzierte und im historischen RCA Studio A in Nashville aufgenommen. Begleitet wird Ritter von Jason Isbells Band The 400 Unit. Neben Isbell (Gitarre und Gesang), besteht die Band 400 Unit aus Derry Deborja (Klavier, Orgel und Akkordeon), Chad Gamble (Schlagzeug und Percussion), Jimbo Hart (Gitarre, Ukulelele und Kontrabass), Sadler Vaden (E-Gitarre, Akustikgitarre und 12-saitige Akustikgitarre) und Amanda Shires (Violine und Gesang). "Die Songs reflektieren sehr stark die Zeit, in der sie geschrieben wurden. In dieser Zeit ist die Welt noch verrückter geworden." Im Laufe seiner Karriere hat Ritter zehn Alben veröffentlicht, darunter "Gathering", das 2017 auf Platz 4 der Billboard's Americana/Folk Albums Charts debütierte und viel Lob erhielt.

Fever Breaks, the tenth studio album from acclaimed singer, songwriter and performer Josh Ritter, will be released April 26 via Pytheas Recordings/Thirty Tigers. Produced by Grammy Award-winning musician Jason Isbell, the 10-song record was recorded at Nashville's historic RCA Studio A and features Isbell's band, the 400 Unit. Of the album, Ritter shares with Rolling Stone, "The songs are very reflective of the times in which they were written," he explains. "As we started coming together and playing, the songs that felt like they were gonna work really jumped out as obvious. From there on, after we recorded in August [2018] we had this really nice time to stop and listen and let the songs marinate a little bit. In that time, the world has just become even crazier. There's a lot of the record that feels reflective of the moment it was in". Over the course of his career Ritter has released ten full-length albums including 2017's 'Gathering', which debuted at #4 on Billboard's Americana/Folk Albums chart and received widespread critical praise. NPR Music proclaims, "Josh Ritter remains at the top of his game two decades into a highlight-strewn career. He'd be forgiven for loosening his grip, but his hand has never felt surer," while the Huffington Post adds, "Gathering is beautiful and precise, and most of the beauty, to be certain, arises from a prolonged, often intimate contemplation of Ritter's enormous skill set as an honest bard." In 2015 Ritter began a close collaboration with Bob Weir and went on to write or co-write many of the 12 songs on Weir's acclaimed 2016 solo album, 'Blue Mountain'. Pitchfork called the album "quietly adventurous, wise, and a welcome late-career turn," while Entertainment Weekly described it as "a moving group of tunes worthy of any campfire". In addition to his work as a musician, Ritter made his debut as a published author in 2011 with his New York Times best-selling novel Bright's Passage (Dial Press/Random House).

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Fever Breaks
Fever Breaks
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1. Ground Don't Want Me
2. Old Black Magic
3. On The Water
4. I Still Love You (Now And Then)
5. The Torch Committee
6. Silverblade
7. All Some Kind Of Dream
8. Losing Battles
9. A New Man
10. Blazing Highway Home