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Quiet and unassuming, Jim Cuddy’s fourth studio album is a poetic and easy listen that once again proves how Jim has entangled himself in the fabric of the Canadian sound. Combining flavours of melodic country with folk, Constellation is the type of music that feels effortless and tied neatly together in a cohesive package. With a brassy guitar, simple drum beats, and Cuddy’s lovely, modest vocals, it’s no wonder why he has remained a Canadian musical icon synonymous with endless summer nights, outdoor concerts, and a warm coffee on a foggy-lake morning.

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CP 958
€ 14.90

1. While I Was Waiting
2. Where You Gonna Run
3. Constellations
4. Beauty And Rage
5. Lonely When You Leave
6. You Be The Leaver
7. One Thing Right
8. Hands On The Glass
9. Cold Cold Wind
10. Roses At Your Feet
11. Things Still Left Unsaid