Die andere Seite der vielseitigen Norah Jones: zusammen mit ihren Musikerfreundinnen Sasha Dobson und Catherine Popper mixt sie mit der Band Puss N Boots Folk, Country, Roots und eine Prise Jazzballade zu einem ungewöhnlich eingängigen Ganzen.
Das Ergebnis ist ein extrem hörbarer Cocktail aus sehr relaxten Vocals, coolen Beats und »twangigen« Gitarren. Norah und ihre beiden Bandkolleginnen haben Niemandem mehr etwas zu beweisen und musizieren mit Spaß an der Sache - das hört man.
Der Besondere: nicht nur bei den Vocals, auch an Gitarre, Bass und Drums wechseln die Drei sich ab. Neben gemeinsamen neuen Songs gibt es auch Coverversionen von Tom Petty (»Angel Dream«), Dolly Parton (»The Grass Is Blue«), Paul Westerberg (»It’s a Wonderful Lie«) und Concrete Blonde (»Joey«) zu hören.
Puss N Boots fanden sich 2008 in Brooklyn zusammen. Nach unzähligen Live-Konzerten veröffentlichten sie 2014 ihr erfolgreiches Albumdebüt »No Fools, No Fun«.

"The fact that there is a six-year gap between No Fools, No Fun -- the 2014 debut from Sasha Dobson, Catherine Popper, and Norah Jones -- and its 2020 sequel, Sister, indicates that Puss N Boots is not a full-time proposition for any member of the trio. Casualness turns out to be the group's strength, a notion Sister puts in sharp perspective. Like No Fools, No Fun, Sister ambles along to a ramshackle beat -- a sound designed to fill out an after-hours club or perhaps a living room. The tempo never rushes, the volume never blares, giving the album a sense of intimacy, as if the listener is eavesdropping upon a shared secret. Sometimes Sister's songs do play a bit like a hushed whisper, but Puss N Boots isn't some precious affair. The trio are as likely to crack a bawdy joke as they are to commiserate about a broken heart, and if they find a tune they like, they'll cover it. This time around, they cut versions of deep cuts by Tom Petty ("Angel Dream"), Paul Westerberg ("It's a Wonderful Lie"), and Dolly Parton ("The Grass Is Blue"), adding a shambling, attention-grabbing version of Concrete Blonde's "Joey" for good measure. That's a lot of covers, but not as many as there were on No Fools, No Fun, and the preponderance of originals -- including three written by the whole band -- helps emphasize their endearing, peculiar chemistry. It's not just that Puss N Boots is a roots band whose roots are so tangled, it's hard to separate the rock from the country or the cabaret, it's that they can make quiet music seem like a low-key party." (

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BN 837
€ 15.50*

1. Jamola
2. It's Not Easy
3. Nothing You Can Do
4. Lucky
5. You and Me
6. You Don't Know
7. The Great Romancer
8. It's a Wonderful Lie
9. Sister
10. The Razor Song
11. Angel Dream
12. Same Old Bullshit
13. Joey
14. The Grass is Blue