Something On Me

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Brandneues Studioalbum des früheren This Lizzy-Gitarristen, der auch oft im Hintergrund bei Pink Floyd ('The Wall'-Tour) und später Roger Waters agierte. Snowy White hat seinen ganz eigenen, 'englischen' Bluesstil entwickelt, der sich durch klare, schnörkellose Bluesphrasen auszeichnet, die er mit härteren Riffs veredelt. Die Songs wirken dadurch sehr direkt, menschlich und authentisch - als ob er jeden Hörer ganz persönlich ansprechen wolle. Diese Kunst beherrschen nur wenige so gut wie der britische Gitarrist und Sänger.

Snowy White is one of a handful of classic blues-orientated British electric guitar players - musicians whose sound, technique and style has echoed the originality of the blues with the excitement of contemporary rock. He has developed his own style of 'English' blues, a combination of clear, clean blues phrases and harder-edged riffs that are a recognisable feature of his very personal songs. In the Autumn of 1976 he was invited to tour America and Europe with Pink Floyd as their first augmenting musician, a gig which took up most of his time throughout 1977. In 1979, Peter Green decided to head for the studio once more and invited Snowy and his band along to jam. The result was the album entitled 'In the Skies', now something of a collector's item. He was then asked by Pink Floyd to go to America to rehearse their new show entitled 'The Wall', and, at the same time, Thin Lizzy invited him to become a full-time member. Snowy stayed with the band for nearly three years of touring, recording 'Chinatown' and ''Renegade' with them in 1982, before leaving to pursue his solo career. Snowy's first solo album was entitled 'White Flames'. This album included the timeless 'Bird of Paradise', written by Snowy, which became a hit single around the world.Every year from 1999 to 2014 Snowy toured the world with Roger Waters, including the 'Dark Side Of The Moon' and massive 'The Wall' tours. In between tours, he founded the Snowy White Blues Project, recording the albums 'In Our Time Of Living' and 'In Our Time. Live'.Snowy's most recent album, 'The Situation' came out in 2018. 'Something On Me' finds Snowy back with The White Flames on an album of timeless blues-rock, with his unmistakable guitar work shining across all eleven tracks.

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Something On Me
Something On Me
SWWF 2020
€ 15.90*

1. Something On Me
2. Another Blue Night
3. Another Life
4. Get Responsible
5. Cool Down
6. Ain't Gonna Lean On You
7. It's Only The Blues
8. Commercial Suicide
9. I Wish I Could
10. Whiteflames Chill
11. One More Traveller