Ultimate Georgia Satellites

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3 CD Set mit den drei Alben, die die US-Rockband aus Atlanta, Georgia, zwischen 1986 und 1989 auf dem Elektra Label veröffentlichte - inklusive zahlreicher Bonustracks und einem umfangreichen Booklet mit Statements aller Bandmitglieder und raren Fotos.

This 3 CD, 53 track ultimate collection focuses on the band’s output whilst signed to Elektra Records.
Spanning the years 1986 to 1990, the band released three studio albums and various singles that feature on this collection plus the related bonus tracks taken from the band’s b-sides and 12” releases. It is the definitive collection of the band’s material available.
CD 1 features the ten original album tracks of the band’s first studio album “Georgia Satellites” that was released in 1986. It was produced by Jeff Glixman. There are eight bonus tracks including two mixes, Party Mix and Kick ‘N’ Lick Remix of the single ‘Battleship Chains’, five live tracks including the band’s cover of Lou Reed’s ‘I’m Waiting For The Man’, which featured as a b-side on the band’s best known single ‘Keep Your Hands To Yourself’.
CD 2 focuses on the band’s second album, “Open All Night”, with the 11 original album tracks plus six related bonus tracks. The bonus material includes the remix of their single, 'Sheila' along with live recordings of 'Let It Rock', 'Battleship Chains' and 'Railroad Steel'."
CD 3 is the band’s final Elektra album, “In The Land Of Salvation And Sin” from 1989. The album was produced by Joe Hardy. This CD features the 14 original album tracks plus five bonus offerings including the b-sides ‘Saddle Up’ and ‘That Woman’, the US promo edit versions of ‘Shake That Thing’ and ‘All Over But The Cryin’’ and the UK single version of ‘Another Chance’.

This comes in capacity wallet packaging with each CD housed in a card wallet featuring the original album artwork of the featured disc. This in turn is housed within an outer sleeve along with a CD booklet.
There are extensive sleeve notes contributions by each of the original band members - Dan Baird, Mauro Magellan, Rick Price and Rick Richards - plus a UK discography. The band also supplied photos from their own collections for inclusion within the CD booklet.

Georgia Satellites hail from Atlanta, Georgia. In 1986 they signed to Elektra Records and set about recording their first album with Jeff Glixman. The band’s first single, ‘Keep Your Hands To Yourself’ stormed the US charts, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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Ultimate Georgia Satellites
Ultimate Georgia Satellites
QCD 239
€ 25.90*

CD 1: "Georgia Satellites"
1. Keep Your Hands To Yourself
2. Railroad Steel
3. Battleship Chains
4. Red Light
5. The Myth Of Love
6. Can't Stand The Pain
7. Golden Light
8. Over And Over
9. Nights Of Mystery
10. Every Picture Tells A Story
Bonus Tracks:
11. The Myth Of Love (LIVE)
12. Battleship Chains (Kick 'N' Lick Remix)
13. Hard Luck Boy
14. Red Light (LIVE)
15. No Money Down (LIVE)
16. Batlleship Chains (PARTY Mix)
17. Nights Of Mystery (LIVE)
18. I'm Waiting For The Man (LIVE)

CD 2: "Open All Night"
1. Open All Night
2. Sheila
3. Whole Lotta Shakin'
4. Cool Inside
5. Don't Pass Me By
6. My Baby
7. Mon Cheri
8. Down And Down
9. Dunk ?N' Dine
10. Baby So Fine
11. Hand To Mouth
Bonus Tracks:
12. Let It Rock (LIVE)
13. Hippy Hippy Shake
14. Sheila (REMIX)
15. Battleship Chains (LIVE)
16. Railroad Steel (LIVE)
17. Almost Saturday Night / Rockin’ All Over The World

CD 3: "In The Land Of Salvation And Sin"
1. I Dunno
2. Bottle O’ Tears
3. All Over But The Cryin’
4. Shake That Thing
5. Six Years Gone
6. Games People Play
7. Another Chance
8. Bring Down The Hammer
9. Slaughterhouse
10. Stellazine Blues
11. Sweet Blue Midnight
12. Days Gone By
13. Crazy
14. Dan Takes Five
Bonus Tracks:
15. Saddle Up
16. That Woman
17. Another Chance (EDIT)
18. Shake That Thing (EDIT)