A Few Stars Apart

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A Few Stars Apart was recorded over 3 immersive weeks and the upshot is unmistakable: a sound that's considered, spacious, and beautifully lush. With Dave Cobb's masterful production, every note is in service of the song. A testament to finding a human connection: between close family and friends as well as one's own heart. These 11 songs reveal what it means to come home again, to be still, and to find community and yourself.

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A Few Stars Apart
A Few Stars Apart
CON 696
€ 15.50*

1 We'll Be Alright
2 Perennial Bloom (Back To You)
3 Throwin’ Away Your Love
4 A Few Stars Apart
5 No Reason
6 Leave ‘em Behind
7 Wildest Dreams
8 Giving You Away
9 Hand Me A Light
10 More Than We Can Handle
11 Smile