Live At Shoals Theatre

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On June 15th 2014, Jason Isbell reunited onstage with former Drive By Truckers bandmates Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley for a special round-style night in Muscle Shoals Music. The setlist includes acoustic versions of Isbell-era Truckers gems including “Heathens,” “Decoration Day” and “Zip City” as well as post-Isbell Truckers tracks like “Space City” and solo Isbell faves such as “Cover Me Up.” The set opens and closes with a pair of classic Hood-sung numbers, 2004?s “Tornadoes” and 2001?s “Let There Be Rock.”

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Live At The Shoals Theatre 4-LP (Translucent Blue & Red Coloured Vinyl) € 49.90* Info

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Live At Shoals Theatre
Live At Shoals Theatre
SER 9993
€ 18.90*

CD 1
1. Intro
2. Tornadoes
3. Carl Perkins' Cadillac
4. Decoration Day
5. Heathens
6. Eyes Like Glue
7. Tva
8. Puttin' People On the Moon
9. Marry Me
10. Goddamn Lonely Love
11. My Sweet Annette
12. Women Without Whiskey
13. Outfit
CD 2
1. Daddy Needs a Drink
2. Self Destructive Zones
3. Cover Me Up
4. The Living Bubba
5. Space City
6. Danko/Manuel
7. Grand Canyon
8. Cartoon Gold
9. Alabama Pines
10. Zip City
11. Never Gonna Change
12. Let There Be Rock