"Mit „Evil“ bietet The Georgia Shine Band erneut eine Scheibe, die das musikalische Herz für die Südstaaten aufleben lässt. Von starken Rockern über kontrastreiche Midtempo-Tracks bis hin zu sanften Balladen bildet das Album das Southern Rock-Spektrum ab. Dabei lässt Dough Southern mit seinen Mitstreitern keine Fragen offen – außer bei einzelnen Texten."

"‘Evil’, the band’s new album, is better than their previous outputs; the self-titled debut and ‘Quicksand’. It’s more of the same great Georgian southern rock done right with rockers like ‘Pickets Mill’, ‘Second Amendment’, ‘Right where I Belong’, and ‘Down and Dirty’ sitting comfortably alongside mellower, acoustically-based tunes such as ‘Where does it go from Here’, ‘My Grandson’, and ‘In the End’. Doug Southern’s voice is as gravelly as the the backwoods roads on which the band surely travels. His guitar playing is just as gritty. Georgia Shine Band can box the ears, but can also deliver heart-wrenching southern ballads with the same ease. While every cut is good, the hands-down winner is the boogie-tastic ‘Six Feet Under’. This is a group that demands your support!" www.tonypijar.com

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DSR 840
€ 14.90*

1. Pickets Mill
2. Where Does It Go From Here
3. Happiness
4. Second Amendment
5. Evil
6. My Grandson
7. Right Where I Belong
8. In The End
9. Six Feet Under
10. Down And Dirty
11. Look At Me Now