Strike It Down

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In shimmering kaleidoscopic vision, Whitehorse has released their new album Strike Me Down. Trip into their psychedelic dreamland where epic basslines and masterful guitar shredding reign supreme. With dizzying audacity, Strike Me Down is a whirlwind of technicolour hooks and anti-gravity vocal layering that will tempt your inner diva to turn any patch of floor space into a spinning disco dance town.

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Modern Love CD € 14.90* Info

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Strike It Down
Strike It Down
SIX 146
€ 14.90*

1. Am I Just Gonatand Here (ile You Take My Girl Away)
2. Why So Cruel
3. Four More Miles
4. Seven Deadly Sins
5. Play It Safe
6. Man Of War
7. Fade Into You
8. Please, Maria
9. Sometimes Amy
10. Strike Me Down