Sad And Beautiful World

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Sad and Beautiful World, das auf Wicked Cool Records veröffentlicht wird, ist der Nachfolger von Sunset Kids aus dem Jahr 2019, Malins Zusammenarbeit mit Lucinda Williams und Tom Overby. Sad and Beautiful World ist seine erste Doppelalbum-Veröffentlichung und gliedert sich in zwei Themen: Ein Album ist das Americana-geprägte „Roots Rock“, das andere ist das Rock-fokussierte „Radicals“. Malin hat das Album während der Pandemie erarbeitet und aufgenommen, während er auch seine regelmäßige Livestream-Serie The Fine Art of Self Distancing veranstaltet und produziert hat.

“This one is for the survivors, the dreamers, the leavers and the believers,” said Jesse Malin, of his new double album, Sad and Beautiful World, out September 24 on Wicked Cool Records. “My music has always been about rebirth and redemption. Sad and Beautiful World is for those who pick up the pieces and find beauty in the madness.” The double album encompasses two themes: “roots rock” and “radicals.” The "Roots Rock” side leans to the sad-eyed ballads, while its companion, the "Radicals" side, roughs things up a bit. But not everything is as black and white as the movies. All of Sad and Beautiful World is both tough and tender, laced through with vividly drawn characters striving against circumstance and a raw emotional tenor. The 17 songs served up here will break your heart, move your hips, and keep the lights shining.

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Sad And Beautiful World
Sad And Beautiful World
WKC 8262
€ 19.90*

Disc 1
1. Greener Pastures
2. Before You Go
3. State Of The Art
4. Lost Forever
5. Tall Black Horses
6. Get Out Of Here
7. Sinner
8. Dance On My Grave
9. Crawling Back To You
Disc 2
1. Backstabbers
2. The Way We Used To Roll
3. Almost Criminal
4. Todd Youth
5. Come On
6. A Little Death
7. Dance With The System
8. Saint Christopher --Jesse Malin