Young Man

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The album was produced by Texas singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Robert Ellis (who also has writing and performance credits on the album) and engineered by Josh Block (Leon Bridges, White Denim, Nicole Atkins) at Niles City Sound in Fort Worth, Texas. This is the first Jamestown Revival album recorded in a proper studio and featuring fiddle on all tracks, and the album features no electric guitar whatsoever. It is a body of work that incorporates sounds from all aspects of "Americana" music: folk, blues, country, bluegrass, jazz, etc.
"The theme of Young Man is about reconnecting with the purity and innocence of the creative process, with wisdom and perspective gained through age, experience, successes, and failures. It’s about the realization that life doesn’t last forever, and we must be present and thankful for every positive experience that we’re fortunate enough to live out. Our world around us, our priorities, our friends, and our families have changed dramatically since we started creating music together over 15 years ago. This album is an attempt to reconcile these things through music." —Jamestown Revival

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Young Man
Young Man
JRR LP 049
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