Things Are Great

Mit "Things Are Great" kündigen Band Of Horses ihr sechstes Studioalbum an. Klanglich repräsentiert das Album die Rückkehr zu ihrem frühen Werk und dem eher rohen Sound, dem sich Band Of Horses schon immer verpflichtet gefühlt haben. Mit der ersten Single "Crutch" können sich die Fans einen ersten Eindruck der neuen Scheibe verschaffen "Crutch" verfügt über eine ähnlich symbolschwangere Ikonographie wie eine Frida Kahlo Lithographie und stellt ein wunderbares, Gitarren-getriebenes Meisterwerk dar, das deutlich macht, weshalb Band Of Horses zu den wichtigsten Bands ihrer Generation zählen.

2022 release, the sixth studio album by Band of Horses and their first record in more than five years. Sonically the album is a return to their earlier work and the kind of raw ethos that lies at the heart of Band of Horses. This time around Band founder Ben Bridwell took a bigger role in production than he ever has previously, producing or co-producing every song on the album. He brought in old collaborators including Grandaddy's Jason Lytle, Dave Fridmann, and Dave Sardy, but it's not just old friends who were able to help Bridwell achieve the sound he envisioned. For the first time he worked with engineer Wolfgang "Wolfie" Zimmerman. The two had an instant connection which can be felt throughout the record.

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Things Are Great
Things Are Great
€ 25.90*

1 Warning Signs
2 Crutch
3 Tragedy of the Commons
4 In the Hard Times
5 In Need of Repair
6 Aftermath
7 Lights
8 Ice Night We're Having
9 You Are Nice to Me
10 Coalinga