Come Morning

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Hope is the common thread binding all the stories on this album, though not in a traditionally lofty or ethereal sense. Instead, a very practical and grounded optimism — a hope born from resilience and persistence. Each song serves as a vignette or a chapter, analogous to three common reference points in a variety of different stories — before, during, and after the “rain,” where the “rain” acts as a metaphor for watershed moments of trauma, loss, catastrophe, pandemic, pain, etc. We’ve both worked through substance abuse and addiction. We’ve both struggled with our mental health. Joey is a survivor of sexual abuse. Music has always been a cathartic tool that we use to understand and process these events. In these songs, we’re exploring how working through traumatic experiences can, in some cases, offer a silver lining of growth and even transformation.

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Come Morning
Come Morning
BDAY 100
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