Songs My Friends Wrote

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Songs My Friends Wrote is an album I've been threatening to make for years. It's a bunch of tracks that are my versions of a bunch of'songs my friends wrote. I'm fortunate to count a lot of world class songwriters as good pals and I wanted to shine a little light on some of my favorite examples of their work. In most cases I've picked relatively obscure songs that have always spoken to me, even though many of them won't be so familiar to people. The best part about recording all these tunes was that they reminded me of all the people who I haven't been able to hang out with for the past two years because of the plague we've all been dealing with. All of these tunes bring a smile to my face and I hope they do the same for you. - Corb Lund

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Songs My Friends Wrote
Songs My Friends Wrote
NW LP 6529
€ 30.90*

1. Highway 87
2. That's What Keeps the Rent Down, Baby
3. Montana Waltz
4. Blue Wing
5. Pasa-Get-Down-Dena
6. Spookin' the Horses
7. Little Rock
8. Road To Las Cruces
9. Big American Headliner
10. Age Like Wine