Somewhere Between The Secret And The Truth

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"I was trying to find where I fit musically again. I wasn’t really sure if it was Americana or if it was Country or if it was Rock – I was all over the place with my songwriting and my career. Ironically enough, COVID really gave me a chance to just turn my brain off a little bit and stop thinking. When I came out on the other side I found not only a renewed sense of my music and wanting to get out and play again, but I found a renewed sense of self. I really felt I found who I wanted to be as a writer, as a singer, as an artist. I hate to just say Country music or more Country-oriented but that’s really what it came down to and the simplicity of it. I really wanted the simplicity of the songs to carry themselves and carry the album and lead us all the way through the live show; where the simplicity creates these big, massive sounding songs and that’s what I feel like we got from this record.
I’m just trying to put my own personal spin on what I think is great about Country music. I’m not reinventing the wheel here, I’m writing about things that have been written about a million times; you just try to put your own spin on things and I really feel like that’s what this album’s strength is: it’s traditional Country roots but it has a vintage Wade Bowen feel to it lyrically and sonically." - Wade Bowen

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Somewhere Between The Secret And The Truth LP € 21.90* Info
Wade Bowen CD € 13.90* Info

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Somewhere Between The Secret And The Truth
Somewhere Between The Secret And The Truth
BSCD 002
€ 13.90*

1. Everything Has Your Memory
2. Burnin' Both Ends of the Bar
3. Honky Tonk Roll
4. The Secret To This Town
5. If You Don't Miss Me
6. A Beautiful World (Feat. Lori McKenna)
7. She's Driving Me Crazy
8. Knowing Me Like I Do
9. It's Gonna Hurt
10. Say Goodbye
11. A Guitar, a Singer and a Song (Feat. Vince Gill)
12. Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth