The Dharma Wheel

Presenting Howlin Rain's grand-scale new studio album: The Dharma Wheel, a six-track, 52-minute dive into a joyous fantasy realm. A sonic travelogue of prog funk, psychedelia, bygone West Coast jam music and watermelon rock. The triumph of a working band! Featuring the legendary Scarlet Rivera (Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue) on violin & the endlessly inventive Adam MacDougall (Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Circles Around the Sun) on keys.
It all comes together beautifully on “Rotoscope,” as MacDougall’s electric raindrops on the windshield give way to the torrential flashes of Miller and Cervantes as we watch our lives go by. Miller introduces the pensive folk reflections of “Annabelle” with the wistful violin of Scarlet Rivera (Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue), lying in the meadow awhile on a sunny afternoon. Then, with a 16-minute, multi-movement title track as a culminating statement, “The Dharma Wheel” melds it all together- the marshal blitzkrieg of guitars; the layered and multicolored keyboards; the assertive, increasingly dramatic vocal ascents- coalescing atop Jeff McElroy’s metronomic bassline and drummer Justin Smith’s grooving counterpart.
The finale quiets midway through, rather disarmingly, then, as wheels do, returns for one more resolving turn. One more climb to the cosmos. Try not to crash.

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The Dharma Wheel
The Dharma Wheel
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1 Prelude 06:02
2 Don't Let The Tears 06:23
3 Under The Wheels 07:09
4 Rotoscope 07:41
5 Annabelle 08:42
6 Dharma Wheel 16:21