3000 Germans Can't Be Wrong

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Nachschlag zu der Ende Februar '98 sehr erfolgreich zu Ende gegangenen Tour: Live am 16.2.97 in Regensburg mitgeschnitten, zeigt sich auf dieser CD sehr deutlich, daß Rich Hopkins und seine Mannen live nur schwer zu toppen sind. Auf über 60 Minuten zieht die Band alle Register, und im absoluten Knallersound gibt es nochmals Stücke wie "Wildweed", "Unglued", "Dirt Town" oder "Kick Out The Jams".

Addition to the at the end of February '98 finished very successful European tour: Recorded live on February 16th, 1997 in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany, this album shows the outstanding significance of Rich Hopkins & the Luminarios as a Live band. With a playing time of more than 60 minutes and a live sound that kicks ass you'll get another chance to hear songs like "Wildweed", "Unglued", "Dirt Town" or "Kick Out The Jams". Don't miss it!

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3000 Germans Can't Be Wrong
3000 Germans Can't Be Wrong
2-LP (Personal Vinyl Edtion)
BLU LP0066
€ 27.90

Side One
1. Unglued
2. Soul Leacher
3. Empty Eyes

Side Two
4. Wildweed
5. I Can Only Give You Everything
6. San Francisco Blvd.

Side Three
7. Dirt Town
8. Drowning Angel
9. Mumbly Peg

Side Four
10. Scars
11. Kick Out The Jams
12. 3 Sheets To The Wind